John closed the back door. Shannon began to speak but John cut her off. Denise walked over to the wooden swing chair and sat down. She covered herself with John's blanket and wiped her tears with her sleeve. Shannon tried to hug John but he resisted as Denise watched on. He asked her to sit on the patio furniture. Music still could be heard from Boug's room. 'Fistful of Tears' by Maxwell was playing. 

Shannon tried to speak again, "J-John, will you plea-"

John commanded, "You need to be honest!"

Shannon shook her head in agreement. John was exasperated and aggravated. His muscles were strained with threads of stress, fear and passion. He didn't think today or the argument he had with Denise would have been this passionate. He never had to fight for any girl. They have been arguing for about 30 minutes now, but John has switched the control of the conversation. He took control as Denise watched, looking like a sick puppy on the swinging chair. The cold breeze separated them and entwined with the saxophone solo that was blasting from Boug's room.

John took a deep breath in and then he released.

"I love you both. But I have fallen out of love with you, Shannon."

Shannon interrupted, "how?!"

"You have cause me too much pain. I have hid it throughout the years. The woven of yarn that you cause was slowly unwrapped by Denise."

"I was always honest with you."

"Not until it was two late."

Shannon blurted, "I didn't have an abortion... I had a miscarriage."

John stopped speaking. Denise watched his facial expression. She saw his emotions rising up again.

Shannon continued, "I did cheat on you, twice. But then I was afraid to tell you about being pregnant. And then a few months later when I started to show, and y-y-you asked me... you s-s-started to distance yourself." She began to cry.

John finished, "I found out that you cheated on me and you weren't being honest about it. You didn't tell me anything!!! We were engaged!!! What do you mean? That you didn't have the guts to tell your husband-to-be that you were pregnant! I would have been ecstatic!"

Shannon wiped her tears, "You were so miserable, those last few months. You started to make these business trips and leave me alone. I began miserable."

"I did those business trips to make money for our household! I knew I always wanted a baby but was secretly saving."

John paced the space. He rubbed his hair.  John started to break down. His tears dropped hard as hard icicles hitting the ground after a freezing day. Denise felt for him. Carol and John Sr. watching from the separate bedroom could feel for their son. Carol wiped away John Sr. eyes.

Shannon stood up and walked over to John that started to kneel and cry out loud. She knelt over him and held him. Denise gently pressed her legs onto the swinging chair and placed her head between her knees. She closed her eyes and said a prayer to Jesus.

John stood up bringing Shannon to her feet. He looked into her eyes and...

The End

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