Shannon stumbled passed Carol. Boug blocked her from entering the kitchen.

Boug sincerely said, "You gotta let him go... he's happy without you."

Shannon slapped him across his face. He was appalled. The room was shocked as she uttered:

"You will NOT speak to me like that! He's loves me... she was my replacement!"

Boug rubbed his face as it became as red as a cherry. Carol commanded Shannon's attention.

"You will not come in here, and disturb the peace! You will not disrespect my home and my sons! Leave!"

Shannon cocked her head, "You were always for me, Mrs. Beamer. You're the one that told me that he was here and needed my attention!"

Matt turned to his mom, "Mom, you invited her back into John's life?"

Carol look down as she became guilty. She scratched her arm and said, "I didn't know any better."

Dan said, "that's hurtful mom!"

Carol responded, "I'm sorry... I didn't know."

Shannon turned back to Boug, "Let me through!"

Boug looked at her in her eyes and said, "NO!"

Denise interrupted as she walked through the back door, "Boug, can you let her through?"

Boug turned around very confused, "umm... what?"

In a far distance, through the kitchen door, you could see an very emotional John. Denise's eyes were blood shot red and puffy. They both looked liked they cried oceans. Shannon stumbled passed Boug and waved at Carol.

Denise turned to Boug's mother Carol. "Thank you for bringing Shannon back into John's life. If he survives the tsunami that is about to happen on your patio, you're going to be mother of the year!" She muttered as she gently closed the back door.

Carol took a huge gulp as the room remained quiet. 

The End

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