Everybody Talks.

Boug ran down the steps to find some of his family members sitting in the living room.

"Yo what is going on? All I hear is yelling?!?" He said.

Dan responded, "Yo Denise and John are arguing on the patio."

Marge said, "It sounds like they broke up. I didn't like her anyway."

Matt jumped onto the couch with popcorn, "Yo this is serious. I never heard John so pissed off!"

Carol came in the room and said, "I tried to help him but..."

Lisa, John's cousin said, "Aren't you tired of trying to help?"

Carol shot her a glare, "Shut up!"

Everyone laughed.

Boug walked over to the door frame in the kitchen and could see John and Denise arguing.  Denise was waving her hand in his face and John's face was tensed up. 

Everyone started to make jokes and chatter about John and Denise.

Boug laughed,"Yo! I'm about to go listen at the door!"

John Sr. said, "This is not a laughing matter! Everyone be serious!"

The chatter in the room silenced. Carol continued, "Even though we judge her, John likes that girl out there, and as his family we have to respect him."

John Sr patted her leg as she finished.

Dan smiled and said, "I'm proud of you folks. Ya'll not racist anymore!"

The room laughed and reminisced about the first time meeting Denise. The doorbell rang and Carol went to get it as they joked around. Carol opened the door, and Shannon stood there crying.

A shocked Carol responded, "Shannon?!"

Shannon wiped her tears and said, "I'm here to fight for him."

The End

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