Denise folded her arms as her facial expression became very serious.

John started to stammer, "Y-y-y-you mean aft-t-ter we left Indulgence?"

Denise squinted her eyes and and cocked her lip, "Yes, after you left the parking lot, where did you go?"

John responded, "I asked my brothers to drop me off at Shannon's house."

Denise responded, "Why?"

John said, "I had to know why she was trying to ruin my life?"

Denise wiped her hair from in front of her face and sighed, "She exposed your lies to me. She was being honest with me. You were trying to figure out why she was exposing you."

"I didn't mean to purposely lie to you. That wasn't my intention."

"But that's exactly what you did. Was lie?"

He started to stammer again. 

She interrupted and started to wave her hand around, "This will be a honest and real conversation, as soon as I notice that you have told a lie, I will abruptly leave and you can kiss my ass."

John laughed, "You really did put on your big girl pants today."

Denise smirked, "I'm not down for the bull! I am committed to my boyfriend, but I'm sexy enough to get a new one within hours. I dare you! Lie! You are replaceable!"

She said as she stood up. John laughed out loud. Her bad attitude grew. Carol opened the door and told John that he had a phone call.

"Ma! It can wait!" He raised his voice.

Denise responded, "Don't yell at your mom cause you can't handle your business. Have respect!"

"Ma! Take a message please."

John turned to Denise as his aggression grew. Carol became overwhelmed. 

"You like pushing my buttons!" John said to Denise as she paced around him.

"I want the truth! I don't like wasting my time!"

"You think I'm wasting your time!!"

"You haven't answered my flipping question! Why and what did you do last night at your EX-Fiance's house last night! What did you do?!"

The End

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