Denise unlocked the front door and grabbed the knob. It turned to the right and she took a few steps backwards. John pushed the door open and when he realized it was Denise on the other side of the door, his excitement showed.

"Hey Denise..."

Denise smiled as she hugged him. His hands wrapped around her waist. She felt his grip and his masculinity float around her. She felt at home and started to relax. She tensed up again when he released his embrace. She had to focus on the task and not get caught up with her emotions.

He finished, "Are you leaving?"

Denise nodded yes.

"Why? What's wrong!"

Carol walked out from the kitchen and stood in the door frame.

Denise looked at his mother, "I came here to just speak to you... about us, not to your mom. And I felt uncomfortable while she spoke to me."

John exposed the bouquet of flowers in his hand. He passed Denise the red tulips and asked her to follow him onto the patio of his house. He reached out his hand and she grabbed it. 

He turned and said, "My mom was trying to help, but this is something she can't help me with." He opened the back door and turned to his mom, "Thanks mom, but I got it."

She smiled and they left.



He grabbed a blue blanket that his mother made him. 'Gotsa Be' by B2k played above in Boug's room. Denise sat on the swinging wooden chair. John stood parallel to Denise. He placed the blanket over her as the cold wind blew.

John said, "Where do you want you start?"

Denise carefully responded, "Shannon."

John directly said, "I dated a few woman sometime ago. One of the more serious ones, was with my high school sweetheart, Shannon. We dated for about three years and were engaged for a year. A lot of people like to exaggerate how long we were actually together. We broke up because she cheated on me with two other men and got pregnant. She decided to get an abortion and didn't tell me. I was broken for months."

He started to pace the patio. His mom and his dad watched from another bedroom of the house.

John finished, "What else?"

Denise asked, "So what are you now, with her?"

John didn't hesitate to deny any type of relationship with her: We are not friends, and I deleted her number. She is in the past."

Denise shook her head. She said, "And how was she last night?"

John looked confused. Denise finished, "You spent your time with her last night, I would like to know the honest truth, and know what happened."

John was caught off guard. He wasn't expecting it. His parents watched from above.

Carol whispered, "Come on John! Answer it truthfully!"

John Sr. smiled, "So you like her now?"

Carol smiled, "She's spicy. She will be good for John if he can get her back! I misjudged her. She would be a good addition to his life."

John Sr. chuckled, "spice does a body good." They focused their attention back to John and Denise. He finished: "he is struggling out there, though!"

Carol continued, "He is!" She looked at him and finished her train of thought: "That's the first girlfriend of John's to speak up to me. She was respectful and educated."

She looked down at them, "But babe, I'm going to go help John and make a distraction."

She said as she ran down the steps.

The End

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