Chips & Dip.

Carol stood at the door as Denise approached the porch. Carol didn't say one word as Denise continued to hold her head up high. Denise was very confident.  Denise took a huge gulp and said:

"Hello, Mrs. Beamer... is your son here?"

Carol examined Denise. A small smirk climbed up on her face and she said, "I sent him on an errand, he'll be back shortly. Would you like to come in?!"

Denise gently pushed her hair from in front of her eyes, and said, "No, thank you. I'll wait for him out here."

Carol insisted, "Denise, don't be rude... please come in."

A confounded Denise slowly walked inside the house. She was on her guard as she didn't feel safe. She watched behind her as Carol closed and locked the front door. Denise walked around the living room. 

Denise politely commented, "Your house is beautiful." 

Carol smirked again.

Denise observed the different family pictures around the living room. Carol sat down and examined Denise.

Carol said, "Those booties (heels) that you're wearing must make you work up a thirst. (laughing) Would you like something to drink?"

Denise giggled, "I'm used to it. I've been wearing four inch shoes for a while now."

She declined the drink. Carol followed up by saying, "Your style is eccentric, where do you shop?"

Denise whispered underneath her breath as she rolled her eyes, "Eccentric?!"

She spoke louder, "I got these platform booties from Charlotte Russe and the blazer from H&M. I always dress to impress."

Carol chuckled, "Well, it shows!"

Denise found a picture of John wrestling with his brothers when they were younger. Denise commented:

"Wow, that's amazing that you and your husband raised a whole house of boys."

Carol smiled, "It wasn't easy but they all have grown into strong and intelligent men that I'm proud of. Dan, Steve, John , Matt and Boug are great men, and I'm proud to be their mama!"

Denise felt her phone rumble but she ignored it. Carol finished:

"So do you have any brothers?"

Denise smiled, "I have one. I also have a twin sister and three other sisters."

Carol continued, "You're the eldest?"

Denise said, "I am actually the baby. My brother is the oldest, 4 girls and me. My parents like a big family."

Carol seem distracted. She stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

"Denise, come with me." Carol changed the subject. Denise closely walked behind her. Carol had salsa chips and dip sitting on the counter top. 

"I want to talk to you about my performance at dinner, last night."

Denise considerately responded, "honestly, you have made yourself pretty clear Mrs. Beamer."

Carol laughed, "It was a fun night. But I need to explain myself."

Denise forcingly interrupted, "With all due respect, I have heard enough. Either you're going to have a complete turn-around because of John or you will reinforce your true behavior. But I already know where you stand, and I don't want you to waste an effort."

Carol was stunned and baffled. Denise continued, "Thank you for allowing me to be in your house. No disrespect but I rather wait outside. Thank you!"

Denise graciously turned around and walked towards the front door. 

The End

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