Red Tulips.

A few minutes later:

John drove home laughing to himself about the incident that happened at the restaurant. "Ride 4 U" by Danity Kane played throughout his car on low. 

He stopped at a red light and said a quick prayer to God, thanking HIM for a new chance with Denise.  John then pulled into his parent's driveway. He twiddled his fingers and then grabbed his phone.

He looked at his missed messages:

Unread- Shannon.... "Um, ignore!"

Unread- Boug... He opened it and it read, "Your family is behind you big bro!"

That made him smile. He continued to read the rest.

Unread- Denise... It read, "where do you wanna meet up?"

John sent back, "my parent's place."

A few seconds later, Denise responded, "I'm not wanted there..."

John begged her to come and she agreed. So John got out of his car and walked into the house. Carol walked down the steps as John opened the front door.


"Well you look happier!" Carol admired.

John contently responded, "Denise is on her way here to talk."

Carol attentively said, "Great! Where are the flowers?"

An uncertain John responded, "Flowers?"

"You didn't get the girl flowers?! When you mess up, you give the girl flowers!!"

John looked guilty.

Carol grabbed a $20 dollar bill from her purse. "Go get her some flowers! And hopefully you know her favorite one."

John delightedly smiled, "Mom, you're still the best."

John walked against and hugged his mom.  She walked him towards the door. She pointed down the street, "Go to Frank's and his flowers are inexpensive and beautiful."

John took a quick jog down the block. Carol walked back into the house.


A few minutes later, Eve drove up with Denise and Drexel. Denise crawled out of the back seat.

A sparkling Eve watched Denise fixed her hair as she got out of the car.

"How are you feeling?" Eve quizzically said. 

Denise sarcastically responded, "I'm feeling amazing! I could dance on the clouds, how excited I am." 

Denise stuck out her tongue and blew at them.

Drexel being supportive said, "Well we are only a text away. If you feel uncomfortable, it ain't nothing but a word! We will be on our way back to Philly, and around sane people. Boston is racist."

Eve laughed, "That's because you're dark skinned."

Drexel punched Eve as they all laughed. Eve finished, "Denise and I are light skinned, they don't bother us."

Denise laughed, "I needed that. But I do miss the diversity that Philly presents."

Eve rubbed the steering wheel and said, "Boston isn't that bad, you kinda have to know what areas to stay outta of. And this is one."

Denise looked horrified, "UGH! We should have met at your house!"

Eve laughed. Drexel subtly said, "Relax, breathe, and know that there is a woman staring from the door way.

Denise rolled her eyes, "It's his crazed, dementederraticflaky, racist mother Carol Beamer!" 

Eve and Drexel laughed harder. Denise slapped a smile on her face and muttered, "Okay, wish me well ladies, I'm about to go into Hell in a Cell!" 

The girls laughed as Denise swished her body to face Carol. Carol stood in the doorway watching Denise's every movement. Denise walked confidently and graciously towards the Beamer's House.

The End

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