Shannon splashed water in Denise's face, when she turned around and responded, "I said your kind is NOT welcomed here!!"

Denise started to choke as John checked on her. Drexel jumped into Shannon's face and began to yell in her face. Waiters and the management team ran over to assist the customers and figure out what was going on.

"What the hell is going through your mind right now!!!" Drexel yelled at Shannon.

Shannon yelled back, "Get your ghetto ass self away from me!"

The commotion caused other customers to get upset and start to argue. Some people were shocked and the rest were frustrated. 

John wiped Denise's face with towel as she began to get upset. The waiter turned to Eve and Drexel and asked them to leave. 

They didn't understand why they had to leave and started to argue with the managers.

John interjected, "Yo! That's not fair at all. Shannon is the person that splashed Denise with a glass of water."

Shannon smiled and sat down. She laughed to herself as Eve and Drexel were escorted outside with the management team. John ran over to the manager whom were calling the police when Denise shoved Shannon's head into the bowl of soup.  Shannon started to scream; while Drexel burst into laughter.

Denise yelled as she stormed out of the door, "Dumb witch! Don't ever mess with me!"

Shannon started to cry out loud cause the soup was still hot. John ran over to Denise as she was leaving. Shannon grabbed a towel and in an urgency she poured the cold water on a towel and wiped her face from the hot soup. 

John ran outside after Denise.

He looked to the left and to the right. He didn't see anyone. He ran to the corner of the block and he saw Denise getting in Eve's car. He ran over to them.


She turned and responded, "I cannot believe her!!!"

John leaned over the passenger's seat. Drexel and Eve continued to complain and talk about the incident. Denise responded, "We are tryna be out. Where is your car?"

"It's parked at the high school."

Eve laughed, "Why would you park it like four blocks away?"

Denise smiled, "Cause he needed to think." John smiled because Denise took the words out of his mouth.

Drexel laughed, "Okay love birds... we gotta go for the cops get here... I have a warrant!"

Denise and Eve exploded with laughter, "Are you serious?!"

Drexel muted and then uttered, "Damn... no I don't actually have one but if I did, yall would just laugh at me like that?! UGH Friends!!"

Eve told John, "Text Denise and we'll meet up with you."

John agreed and started to walk towards his car as they drove away.

The End

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