Buttons & Pumps.

A few minutes after John was seated, Shannon walked into the establishment.

John chuckled, "what are you wearing?"

Shannon wore hot pink pumps with all black on. Her hair was cut short and she had a matching pink nose piercing. 

She responded, "You loved when I wore pumps, especially hot pink! You don't remember."

The waiter walked up and took their order. Shannon ordered John's favorite food. John didn't understand why Shannon was trying to impress him again. His mind was made up.

 John looked up to order his drink and Denise and her sorority sisters walked in.

Denise rocked a nude laced-up platform bootie shoe. Dark denim, a nude color shirt with a navy blue blazer to complete her look. Her sorority sisters, Eve was in an red dress with white pumps and Drexel in white denim with a navy blue boots and a red jacket.

The three Delta sisters walked behind their waiter. Denise didn't see John, but John saw her. Shannon watched Denise sit down with her sorority sisters.

Shannon said, "That's the way you've always looked at me?"

John turned and looked at her. The look of disgust faded over his skin.

Shannon uttered, "I'm glad I saw that same look last night."

John said, "You are mistaken."

Shannon finished, "I think we should pick up where we left off."

John looked at her and simply said no. She smiled and laughed it off. John focused his attention on Denise laughing with her sorority sisters. 

"Last night was a mistake... and you know it." John muttered.

Shannon smiled, "Do you miss the way I hold you, Johnathan?"

Shannon started to push John's buttons. John stood up.

"I can't with you."

She replied, "I don't understand you."

John's frustration started to grow, he looked at Denise's table and she looked over. Denise was laughing and she realized John was upset. Shannon continued to push his buttons. 

"You can't get me out of your system! You compare all your girlfriends to me and you finally have a chance to have me, and your lunching."

John calmly said, "Stop talking Shannon."

Shannon started to get louder, "Did you tell Denise about the baby we were going to have... but?!"

Shannon and John started to cause a commotion and abrupt everyone else. Denise saw the argument escalating. She stood up. 

"Shannon... stop!" John calmly said again, as his anger grew.

Shannon yelled, "You want her attention. You think that black witch is better than me?!"

Denise ignored her as she walked behind John.

"John?" Denise whispered.

John looked like he was a few minutes away from killing Shannon.

Denise defused the situation.

"Baby, don't listen to her."

She touched  his face and his eyes look down to hers. Shannon walked up behind Denise.

Shannon said, "You and you're kind are not welcomed here."

Drexel and Eve walked up behind John.

Drexel said, "What do you mean our "kind"."

John looked around to see a lot of people upset.

"Denise, let's go."

Shannon splashed water in Denise's face, when she turned around and said, "I said your kind is NOT welcomed here!! 

The End

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