John decided to get dress and miss his lunch with his mother and Denise. He took his car and drove to his old high school. He walked over to the recess yard and sat on a bench. He looked around and reminisced about the different experiences he had there. He looked down at his watch. He wondered what his mom and Denise were doing. A few minutes of sitting there, his phone rung. He wanted it to be Denise, but it was Shannon.

John: Hello?

Shannon: Hi Johnny!


"I want to talk about last night? 

John sighed, "It's nothing... really. There is nothing to talk about."

She interrupted, "There is plenty for us to discuss. Can we meet up?"


"Where are you? I'll come meet you."

"3rd and Burgess Street..."

John started to walk towards the restaurant. John realized that he got an usual beep on his phone. He told Shannon to hold on. He checked the other line.

Denise: (softly) Hi John.

John: (caught of guard) Denise? Is everything okay?

Denise: I decided not to have lunch with your mom. I had a feeling you weren't going to be there, so I politely declined. Are you with her?

John: (smiling) I didn't go with my mom.

Denise: (smiled) You are so predictable. 

John: (changing the subject) Did you want to talk later?

Denise: (softly) Yeah... 

John: Are you still riding back with me to Philly, tonight?

Denise: Actually, I asked my a sorority sister. I didn't know what you were doing.

John sighed. Denise timidness confused John.

John asked, "So... what are we now?

Denise: Have you figured out what you and Shannon are?

John: friends...

Denise: (confused) really... I didn't expect just friends.

John shook his head in disbelief.

Denise (upset) finished, "I gotta go... Have a good rest of the day."

*Dial Tone*

The End

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