Bacon & Eggs.

The next morning:

Carol knocked on his door and walked in with a platter of breakfast.

"Morning Johnny," she said as she opened the window and allow the light to get in. 

He turned over and looked at her with one eye opened. 

"Mom... I had a rough night... can you just let me be?!"

She said, "I invited Denise to lunch today."

John didn't believe her.

"I took the number from your cell phone and I called her from the house phone."

John sat up bearing his chest. His mom chuckled.

"I remember when your chest was all bones! Now it's full of muscles and pecs and stuff."

John smiled. His mom presented the platter of bacon and eggs to John. She sat it in front of him and whispered: "I am really sorry for causing so much trouble."

John said, "it wasn't just you. It was everyone."

She looked down.

He hesitated, "Mom?"

"Yes, baby boom." Carol said as she met eye contact with John.

"Don't call me that." He chuckled. "Do you think I'm still in love with..."


"I didn't say her name... Who did you think I was gonna say."



"Because you guys were together for six years. Engaged for two of those six years. You can't just flush that out of your system."

John shook his head in disbelief. He put the platter on his night stand. 

He continued, "Mom, do you know why me and Shannon aren't together anymore?"

"Yeah, she wasn't ready for marriage."

"No, that was the cover up. She cheated on me, twice. And I accidentally got her pregnant. She aborted the baby without allowing me to be apart of it. I would have taken good care of that child." He hesitated and finished: "I do have strings still attached to her, but Denise is..."

Carol became very sincere. She wiped her cheeks from the tears that fell from her eyes. His dad opened the door and listened to John.

John continued, "I see the love that you and dad share, with me and Denise. She's honest with me, even though I haven't been honest with her.  Shannon and I had a great image but no substance. I spent the night with her, last night. It was so uncomfortable. The cons outweigh the pros when I'm with Shannon. I see myself as a man when I with Denise. I see myself as a boy when I with Shannon..."

Carol hugged John as his sadness took over him.

Carol kissed his forehead as she let go of the hug, "We'll get her back."

John uttered, "I never cried like this before. I cried for the first time when I realized I'm losing her. She is a beautiful young lady that you guys disrespected because of her color of her skin. Let that go! She makes me happy. She may be dramatic, but she's my girl."

He looked out his window and finished: "I moved down to Philadelphia because of her. We own separate apartments but she has made me into a better person. If you guys won't stand behind her, I will never visit again. She is the one that made me come back to the dinner, so that I could patch up our relationship. I can't..."

Carol hugged him tighter, "We are 100% behind you."

John smiled, "Thank you mom..."

His dad came over and hugged him. "I love you, son! Shower, and go get your girl!"

The End

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