As soon as Shannon turned off the lights. Denise and Eve darted to their car. 

Eve got into the passenger seat and Denise reached into her purse.

"What are you doing?"

Denise responded, "Making my mark!" 

She grabbed a key.

"You're not going to key her car? She saw you here early!"


Denise giggled and jumped in the car. 

"Let's go home..." she said as Eve drove away. 

Denise laughed to herself, "I can't believe I fell off those trash cans."

Eve laughed as she drove, "That was a good impression of a cat!"


As they drove home, Denise looked around the neighborhood. The neighborhood was beautiful even at 4am. 

Denise text John: I love you. Good night.

John didn't text her back. She glanced and saw John walking. He looked upset. She asked Eve to dropped her off at her house and then go pick up John. Eve agreed. A few minutes later, Eve dropped her off with her key and hugged her. Eve turned around and drove to where she thought John was.                       _______________________________________

John turned off his phone. He took a quick run back to his parents house. He tried to get his emotions together. His life changed dramatically today and he couldn't cope with it. He walked for 40 minutes and he started to have a grasp of everything going on around him.

A dark 2 door chevy cobalt drove up beside John. He didn't recognized the car. He started to ball up his fist as he picked up his pace.

Eve rolled down her window.

"John, it's me!"

Bow Wow and Ciara's 'Like You' played low in her car.

"Hi Eve..."

"John, get in the car. I'll take you where you need to go."

He hesitated. He looked in the passengers seats and didn't see anyone.

He finished, "Where's Denise?"

Eve answered, "She's at my place. I needed to get something for breakfast tomorrow."

John wiped his face, "Naw... I'm okay."

Eve pulled her car onto the sidewalk, cutting off his path. 

"Get in the damn car!"

John smiled, "I need to walk."

Eve said, "I can't leave you here, please let me drive you."

John walked over and got in her passenger seat.

Eve said, "So how are we gonna get you and Denise back together?!" 

She pressed the accelerator and sped off.

The End

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