After Dark.

Eve paid for her items and walked back over to her car. She opened the door to find Denise lying asleep in the passengers seat. 

"Wake up beautiful!" 

Denise gently stretched as she came back into reality. Eve sat in the car and passed Denise some apple juice, chips and water. Denise looked down at her watch. 

"Um... What time did we leave Indulgence?"

Eve responded, "I think like 11:35pm. It was early."

Denise continued, "And we got here like 12am right?"

Eve agreed.

Denise in a raspy voice finished, "So John has been in there for sometime! It's almost 3am."

Eve took a sip of her water and ate her chips as Denise continued to vent. Denise looked at the house to see only one light on.

Denise said, "I trust him... he wouldn't physically cheat on me right?!"

Eve interjected, "Um, you guys aren't together anymore..."

Denise jumped up and assumed, "OMG! They're having sex! Let's move the car and get a closer look."

Eve started laughing, "You wanna get a closer look?!"

Denise ignored her question, unlocked her car and opened the door, "Are you coming?!" 

Denise gently closed the door and with her apple juice in hand; she ran across the street to Shannon's house. Eve drove her car around the block and parked it in a different spot. She ran over to Denise a few minutes later.

"So whatcha hear?!" Eve whispered to Denise.

Denise wiped her tears and responded, "I hear romantic music... John likes having sex to romantic R&B music.

Eve told Denise, "Don't assume, John is a good guy."

She whispered back, "But he's kinda single now... with a woman that he loves in there... and she loves him back."

Eve shook her head in disappointment. Denise looked around. She grabbed the recycling bin and lined it up with trash can. Eve looked at her with a strange look.

"Girl, what are you doing?!"


Eve laughed, "You're joking!"

"I need to get a closer look."

Denise stepped onto the recycling bin and then onto the trash can with her heels on. She looked into Shannon's house.

"Her house is ugly?!"

Eve giggled.

Denise continued: "She needs some help. She's got this big fat cat just shedding all over the couch! Ugh! Me and John think cats are gross. They just don't do anything."

Eve giggled again. Denise's face got serious.

Eve asked, "What's wrong?"

Denise whispered, "John and Shannon just walked downstairs and John was fixing his shirt."

Eve put her hand in front of her mouth. 

Denise continued, "Their at the front door."

Eve walked towards the corner of the house to see John outside talking to Shannon. Denise signaled for Eve to help her off the trash can. Eve concentrated to hear what John and Shannon were talking about. Eve watched John hug Shannon and then she heard a loud crash from behind her. John and Shannon looked over to Eve's direction and a fallen Denise said, "MEOW!"

Eve's heart was beating through her chest. John ignored it while Eve continue to watch them. John waved and started to walk in the direction of Eve's car. Eve grabbed Denise and they hid behind the apartment complex's dumpster as John walked by. They heard Shannon yell: "Do you need a ride?!"

John yelled back, "I know this area well, I'll be fine. Goodnight."

The End

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