Denise sat in the car with Eve. 'Dangerously in Love' by Beyonce played in her car.Eve started the car and they sat there. Before Eve could drive away, Denise touched her leg.

"I love him." She said as she watched him angry in the parking lot.

Eve whispered, "I know you do."

Denise said, "I'm not the only woman that he thinks about. He didn't physically cheat on me, just mentally and psychologically."

She cried as she watched him punch the ground from her car. 

Eve asked, "How did you know about September 4th?"

Denise said, "that's when he started to change. His sleeping patterns and the way he held me."

Eve shook her head in disappointment. Denise turned the heat on in Eve's car.

She ran her fingers through her hair and said, "Shannon watched me all night."

Eve sharply turned.

"She was there?!"

Denise nodded in agreement.

"She wanted him... I could see it in her eyes. He can't have us both."

Eve pointed to John and his brothers walking back to their car. Eve pulled off the parking lot and pulled behind a truck. Eve put the car in park and gave Denise a hug.

"What do you want to do now?" Eve whispered.

Denise wiped away her tears and she raspy uttered, "I don't know."

Eve noticed Dan drove aggressively behind a red Toyota. It intrigued her. She drove a car behind them but she tried her best to follow them. Denise didn't pay attention as she clinched her hands to the seat belt and stared at the window.

A few minutes later:

Eve pulled up next to a few bushes. She looked around to see the car the Beamer brothers rode in. Denise was frozen for the fifteen minutes that they drove. Her tears laid frozen on her cheeks as she relived the argument in her mind. Eve pointed to John. 

"Denise!" Eve snapped her fingers in her face. *snap, snap, snap.* She finished, " Is that Shannon?" 

Denise innocently looked up to see John yelling at Shannon. Her body became attentive as she couldn't hear them. Eve rolled down her window. They listened carefully as they argued across the street.

John yelled, "You... need to break... this hold that you... have on me! I don't want you anymore!"

Denise smiled to herself. Shannon said inaudible to John. Denise or Eve couldn't hear her. Then they watched John walk over to his car and tell his brothers something inaudible. A minute later, the brothers drove off and John walked into the house with Shannon. Shannon turned on the lights in the house. She then came outside and looked at Eve and Denise and blew them a kiss. Denise was furious! Eve tried to calm her down as Shannon smiled and proceed into the house. 

The End

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