She gazed upon his face. Silence took over the parking lot. 

Denise uttered, "Now tell me to to my face... that you love her more than me."

John wiped his nose and muttered, "No! I love you! Only you!"

Denise quickly said, "if that was the case, you wouldn't have subconscious said her name in your sleep."

John said, "I dream of you... I am proud to be your..."

Denise finished his statement, "proud to be my what?! I was honest with you! You know about my past. You know about every man I have ever touched with my love."

John punched the wall. His tears became anger in a matter of seconds.

Denise said as she stood up. "Your anger does not scare me!"


Denise said, "Your holding onto her for some reason and she is now taking my spot!"

John said, "No one can take your spot in my life.

"It's because I was Shannon's replacement."

He walked up to her and got into her face. Dan and Matt grabbed John's arms.

Denise yelled, "He would never hit me! Let go of him! He needs to let these emotions go before I leave him tonight!"

Matt looked at Dan. John slid out of their grips. He faced Denise.

"I was honest with you."

"Not about Shannon."

"I was!"

"I didn't know you were once engaged. I didn't know that was the restaurant you introduced her to your parents. I didn't know that she broke off the engagement, one year later in that same place where we ate at with your parents."

John tried to speak but she didn't allow him to.

She finished, "I will not be your replacement girl. I am in love with you, and I think you are in love with me too. But we cannot move further as a couple when you still fantasize about her."

She turned to Eve and said, "We are out!"

Denise walked away and Eve followed quickly. John stared into space with a disdained facial expression. He looked over to Eve's car that started up and he couldn't move. His brothers were talking to him but he couldn't hear them. Everything flowed in a slow motion. All his Shannon references flooded to his mind as stared into the street. He broke his concentration when he realized a familiar woman leaving the parking lot.

"Shannon?" Crept out his mouth as he realized she was at the club tonight.

He turned to his brothers. "Yo! Get in the car! Follow that red Toyota."

The End

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