Matt, Eve and Dan walked ahead towards their separated cars as Denise and John lingered behind. 'And I' by Ciara could be heard from outside Indulgence Night Club. John opened the door and step outside. Denise quickly followed.

"John? Have you been drinking?" Denise muttered as she noticed his brothers and Eve in front of them.

John stopped walking and turned to her, "Babe, I had a few shots of Mr. Cuervo."

Denise rubbed his stomach, "Are you okay?"

John laughed, "I wasn't earlier, but you're with me now. So I'm great."

Denise stood on her tips of her toes. She placed her hands on his face.

She whispered, "You know I love you right?!"

John whispered back, "Yes, I do... but?"

Her tone changed. She became very serious. John changed his demeanor

She whispered, "Your family situation scared me." 

"I know it did, but..."

"... and a few other things scares me about you."

John blinked a few times and he grabbed her hands. She stood regularly. He wiped his eyes from the sweat.

He said, "what are other things that scare you about me?"

Denise walked away. John grabbed her and spun her around.

He repeated, "what are other things that scare you about me?!"

Denise pushed herself off him. 


He turned to her. He squinted his eyes as he put his right hand over his mouth. He was confused. He didn't understand. She was slowly getting emotional. 

John said, "Why did you say her name?"

Denise said, "you say her name in your sleep."

A stunned John couldn't believe her. He looked into her eyes. Her eyes were watering.

She finished, " ever since the 4th of this month, a few times a week you'll say her name. You used to say my name."

John was speechless. He felt hurt and he could see her hurt. A tear drop from her right eye. John tried to speak but he couldn't.

Denise asked, "What is September 4th to you?!"

John didn't want to tell her. She saw him hesitate. He started to lock up and she realized this. Her emotions rushed to her tongue. Denise demanded it.

"Tell me!"

John stammered, "I-I-I love y-yy--y-you! Denise!! I don't..."


John said, "I could never cheat on you!!"

Denise wiped her tears as she demanded him to tell her the significance of the date. Eve, Dan, and Matt heard the commotion coming from the corner of the building and they ran over to John and Denise arguing.

Denise yelled, "You will tell me!! I will hear it from your mouth!"

John's eyes started to water. He turned away and started to walk towards his car. Denise followed him as she yelled.

"TELL ME! Don't you run away from me! I didn't do anything to you! I SUPPORTED YOU! I LOVE YOU!! I..."

John walked passed Matt. Denise grabbed John's arm and spun him. Dan and Eve continue to watch. She was visually upset as John was.

John said, "I never meant to hurt you..."

Denise finished, "You did! You would have never gotten with me when Shannon is still a factor!"

Denise ripped off her chain, John gave her and she threw it at him.

Denise fell to the ground and yelled at him, "You will tell me! What the hell is September 4th! Tell your brothers cause they already know! Tell Eve! Because like her I don't know!"

John picked up the chain off the ground and his tears wiped away the dirt.

He whispered, "September 4th is the day, a year and a few months ago that Shannon broke up me and her engagement. September 4th the previous year, I asked her to marry me."

The End

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