John walked back to the table with Dan. Matt smiled as Dan had a weird expression on his face.

Matt said, "this is an expression that our parents will never understand."

Dan smirked, "I have never danced like that, in my life! I was almost hypnotized by her body."

John laughed as he hit his shoulder, "Bruh, you were hypnotized, you were just conscious though."

Dan smiled, "she wasn't even black?"

Matt agreed, "I think she was Dominican."

Dan smiled in an awe. John started to gather his belongings.

"We are done here..." John muttered. Without hesitation, Matt jumped up, while it took Dan some time to figure out what was going on, and the emotions he was feeling.

Scott sneak up behind John and put him into a choke hold. John started laughing as he realized who it was. Scott release him.

"Yo whaddup bro!" Scott said as John hugged him.

John responded, "I'm great bro, how are you!"

"It's been a long ass time... where you been at?"

"Been doing work..."

"Naw! You never did work!"

"Yeah, I'm tryna get serious now... I moved down to Philly for a better job market."

"Get that man! We miss you up here. So what brings you to town?"

"The family was getting together, and I've missed at least three of these functions, and had to make this one. And plus I wanted my fam to meet my girl."

"What?! Johnathon Beamer settled down?! Where is she? Shannon?!" Scott laughed as he looked around.

John shook his head as Matt and Dan came up behind John.

John finished, "Naw... no more Shannon."

Scott shocked, "really? how long ya were married for?"

John laughed, "we weren't married, just engaged. I think we dated for a few years."

Matt interrupted, "like 6 years right?"

John noticed Denise and Eve walking up behind Scott. He tried to change the subject.

"My new girl is here... somewhere?" John looked around as he pretended not to see Denise walking up.

Scott smiled, "I doubt you're new girl is prettier than your last. Shannon was gorgeous."

Denise interrupted, "Was she?"

John's blank facial expression confused Scott as he turned to see Denise right behind him.

Scott was confused.

Denise finished, "Shannon was gorgeous? Am I prettier?"

Scott looked at John and then back at Denise and said, "this is your girl?!?"

John agreed, "Hey baby."

Denise walked up to him and slid her hand around John's waist. Eve stayed behind Scott.

"So what did I miss." She said.

Scott said, "AH! This all makes sense now." He turned to John and replied, "I've been tryna get this girl all night and she has rejected me and rejected me and it's because her boyfriend is my old friend."

Denise interjected, "actually, it is because I had a boyfriend, not because he's your friend."

John smiled. Denise released her grip on his waist and said to him, "can we talk? I'm ready now."

John excused Scott and his awkwardness and left with his brothers, Eve and Denise.

The End

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