Daley and Marsha Ambrosius' song: Alone Together played throughout Indulgence Night Club. Their voices intertwined perfectly as it set the perfect platform for art to be created.

Even though John and Denise has emotions that weren't addressed, it didn't matter at this moment. He came to the nightclub to save something that he might have lost, yet she allowed to many moments to build up and needed him to realized that she needed him more. It may have been dramatic, the way that she did it, but it was her cry out for help.

John closed his eyes as the flashing lights of a deep ocean blue and rich royal purple lights took over the club. He laid his hands on her waist as he no longer was face to face with her. She swished her soft hair against his face as he now felt her luscious bottom press against him. Her body moved to a rhythmic beat and she made sure he felt every shift of the beat. Her eyes briefly scanned the room as she wanted to know who was watching her. A woman's eyes caught Denise's attention. Denise ignored her as she pointed all her attention back to John. John rubbed her arms as they glistened with sweat and bent her body. Denise touched her toes with her fingertips and gently rubbed against John. She put her hands in the air and he crept up her arms, then to her fingertips. He turned her around and interlocked their hands.

She looked up to him and whispered, "I'm sorry..."

John slid his finger against her lips and shushed her.

His confidence took control as he realized that every man in the room wanted to be where he was. He softly dipped her and spun her into his arms. He drew Denise in his arm by her waist with his manly embrace. With the light mist in the air, he had her barely breathing for anything else but his love. He quietly looked at his brother Dan whom was hypnotized by Eve's sensual body language. 

John gently kissed her bottom lip. The music started to fade as all they could hear were each other's breathing. The touch of their hands made them want each other just that much more. The moment was what that they needed with a french bowtie of sensual pleasure around it to make it a perfect moment.

The song ended and without any words, Eve and Denise subtly walked away from them.

Dan was intrigued by Eve because he had never experience something like that before. John smiled, "That's just a taste of how it's like being with Denise."

Dan was taken back. 

John muttered, "that is one of the reasons why I am in love with her..." 

He said as he watched Eve and Denise walk upstairs to the VIP Lounge.

The End

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