Alone Together.

As Long as you Love me by Justin Beiber continued to play as John brought himself to the bar. 

John presented the bartender a $10 dollar bill "Can I get a shot a Jose Cuervo?"

The bartender slid a shot over to him. He turned and faced the dance floor. He looked up towards the VIP lounge as he was about to take the shot.

He saw Denise dancing on Scott. He pinched himself as hard as he could but he realized that this was real. Different emotions flooded his mind as he watched her dance with him. He knew what type of guy that Scott was, and he didn't like this idea at all. He took a deep breath before he reacted. John carefully watched them.

Denise's skin was glistening and she looked stunning as usual. John forgot that Denise was that beautiful. She had a lot of attention on her, but John was confident that he still had her heart. He took his shot of Cuervo.

Matt walked over to John.

"Whatcha looking at?!" He said to his brother.

"Denise dancing on Scott."

Matt reacted, "Wait... and you're not mad?"

John grinned, "I know my girl. She gonna tease him and... 3... 2...1... walk away if he got hard. Which he did."

He laughed as he could see Denise walking away from him. She turned back to Scott, swished her hair to the front, and then walked away. Eve followed right behind her.

John laughed out loud, "I know my girl, trust!"


A few minutes later:

Denise and Eve made their way towards the dance floor.

"I am having so much fun." Denise yelled to Eve as the music was blazing throughout the whole club.

Eve yelled back, "how are you having so much fun, when you barely only danced with one person?"

Denise smiled, "Um! I'm a simple girl, but I do miss my Johnny."

Eve smiled, "Well then go dance with him?!"

Denise grinned, "wait?! He's here?!" 

Eve pointed to him sitting in the corner with his brothers laughing.

Denise laughed to herself. Denise pointed at Dan.

"I'm going to get John, get his brother... he looks like he can move."

Eve looked back at Denise and whispered, "So?"

"So! I want to dance with John."

They smiled as they sneak up to John's table. Alone Together by Daley and Marsha Ambrosius took over the dance floor. Everyone started to couple up on the dance floor and the environment went into a deep sensual blue lighting. Girls started to dance seductively against the rose colored glass scenery. 

Denise walked up to John and didn't say a word. She grabbed his hand and he was caught off guard. She led him to the dance floor as Eve lead Dan. Eve leaned Dan against the wall, and Denise followed her lead. John smiled as Denise didn't allow him to speak.

Her movements were beautifully interwoven with sensuality and grace as her body rocked his back and forth. She spoke to him without words...

The End

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