John sat in the car with his brothers in the parking lot of Indulgence Night Club.

"Is it bad that I don't wanna go in there?" John mentioned as he wiped his forehead with a napkin.

Dan replied, "Listen BOY! You didn't go through all this trouble to get here, just to pussy out. I ain't going allow that to happen!"

Matt laughed in an outburst and said "Boy... go get your woman..."

John twiddle his fingers as he said, "Denise, can party hard, and if she's really in here, and she's looking so good, I will have competition. I can't..."

"Um you will!" Dan quickly replied.

Matt said, "Where is your confidence! You are a Beamer! Johnathon Beamer! You need to step up. Maybe this is why she lef---"

John shot Matt an evil glare.

Matt finished, "too soon, I guess."

John smiled, "I get the point." 

He turned off the ignition and got out of the car. His brothers checked themselves one more time in the mirror then proceeded to enter the night club with John.

John was taken back at the sensuality that the club portrayed.

He thought, "I understand why Denise wanted to come here."

A woman walked up to John and touched his face. She was beautiful but he didn't pay her any attention. She motioned for him to follow her as she walked away.

"Damn!" Dan said. "Yo! I'm glad I'm single! And I'm looking good!"

Matt and John laughed as they walked the other way.

John sat down with his brothers, and John said, "should I be enjoying myself or looking for Denise."

Dan said, "looking for Denise..."

Matt interrupted, "having fun!"

John looked around. The atmosphere was fun, chic and sensual. Justin Beiber's As Long As You Love Me started to play and John spotted Eve. He looked around to find Denise but no sign of her. Eve danced alongside a man above them in the VIP Lounge. He searched for her as Matt and Dan started to dance with beautiful women. 

Everything faded into slow motion when he noticed Denise next to a man at the bar. She was beautiful in that sexy little black dress.

He thought as she spoke to the bartender, "She is soooooo sexy and beautiful." He watched her curves move slightly in her dress.  Her lips... her eyes... her skin... ugh!" 

He blinked hard as the sweat from his forehead dripped into his eye. He started to rub his eyes. It broke his train of thought. He noticed Scott, his friend walking up behind her and gripped her around waist. John started to get angry, but he wanted to see what Denise was going to do.

His eyes got wide as he realized Scott was going in for a kiss and Denise was allowing it. The slow motion was killing him. He started to cringe the table with his grip. Her hair swished as she allowed him to take the shot off her body. Her hands were around his body. John ran over to them and punched Scott in his throat killing him instantly.

*Snap, snap, snap* Matt snapped his fingers in John's face.

Matt said, "Yo John... you okay?!"

John's body jerked as he snapped back into reality. He looked at the bar where he thought Denise was standing. He saw another black girl and Scott taking shots off each other. He started to calm down.

John laughed, "I just daydream killing someone cause they were touching Denise... I gotta get a drink or something..."

Matt looked at him weird as John walked towards the bar.

Dan said, "That boy snapped."

The End

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