Indulgence Night Club was covered in flashing red and pink lights. It had a decorative VIP lounge with a bar overlooking the main bar attached to a dance floor.  Upon arriving by a glass elevator, Denise and Eve entered a unique world of cutting edge sights and sounds. In the center of the establishment, a rose-colored glass surrounded girls dancing alongside the bar.

Denise stepped out with a sexy little black dress with royal blue pumps purchased from the boutique on the south-end of Boston. The textured sweater knit fabric was sleeveless, hugged her curves and revealed her chest nicely. Eve completed her outfit with a black ultra-skinny jeans, red pumps and a black tight top with red beaded cutouts at each side.

Denise smiled as they both started to bump to the rhythm of "Up" by Loverance.

"This is my song!" Eve mention as she began to dance.

They realized that they had an audience; which fueled Eve to dance harder, while Denise remained humble. Denise definitely hyped her up as Eve commanded the room's attention. As soon as the song was over, Denise and Eve headed to the lounge section of Indulgence to relax and calm down. They were approached by a gentleman in all black with roses.

"These roses are for you." He said.

Eve was caught off guard as he passed it to her.

"It's beautiful!" Eve muttered as she started to examine the flower. 

He turned and gave Denise a rose.

"And this is for you."

Denise declined the rose, "I'm sorry. I cannot accept that, but it's a beautiful flower."

Eve giggled to herself as she continued to look at her rose.

"Oh?" He hesitated.  "... But they are gifts from Mr. Rodge." He said as he pointed to the VIP lounge. Scott waved as he was observing them from the VIP lounge.

Denise smiled and waved back. He motioned for her to come up. Eve smiled as she sniffed her rose. Denise ignored him and continued to talk to Eve. Scott smiled and disappeared into the back. The gentleman in all black walked away.

Eve said, "And who was that?"

Denise fixed her dress as she spoke, "Um, that's a dude that was hitting on me from earlier. I didn't pay him any attention. But I do know that he definitely wants my attention."

Eve laughed, "You always get them boys! You got them back in college and you're still getting them now."

Denise smiled, "I guess I have good luck."

Eve smiled, "It's just cause we are beautiful women..."

Denise continued, "... of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority...

Denise and Eve together, "IIIIINNNNCCCOORRPORATTED!!!"

They laughed as Scott approached them. He put a bottle of Smirnoff's Kissed on the table.

"For you..."

Scott walked up to Eve and said, "Wow, you keep beautiful ladies as friends."

Eve giggled as Denise rolled her eyes. Eve reached out her hand and he kissed it. 

"Gorgeous, my name is Scott Rodge, and yours?"

"Eve Tarrez, its nice to meet you!"

Scott smiled, "at least you're a little more friendly then your friend."

Eve laughed, "she is more than a friend to me."

Scott grinned, "really!"

Denise interrupted, "Eve and I are sorority sisters." 

Scott's grin went away as he realized that they weren't lesbians.

"Oh what sorority?" He recovered.

Eve mentioned, "Delta Sigma Theta."

"Oh nice, I was a frat boy: Kappa Kappa Psi."

Denise smiled, "Oh! I'm familiar with them. The honorary band fraternity, right?"

"Yep! I guess we have something in common." He smiled.

Denise reached into her purse to search for her lip gloss. Scott continued:

"Well thank you for coming out to my first club promotion, would you like to occupy me to the VIP Room?"

Denise purposely ignored him and looked at Eve. Eve zoned out for a moment thinking about John knowing a Scott that was a club promoter. 

"Eve?!" Denise said as she snapped her fingers in front of her face.

"Um! Yes?" Eve said.

Denise grabbed her hand and led her behind Scott.

"Since you're not paying any attention. Let's have some fun, tonight." Denise smiled.

The End

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