3rd factor.

John asked Boug to get out of his car. 

"Please just let me be..." John pleaded with Boug.

Boug looked at his big brother and saw the mess that he was slowly about to become. He didn't understand this completely but he did understand that John's feelings were hurt. He didn't know how to fix it, but he knew he had to stay by John's side.

His mother called him. John ignored her. John looked at his phone as he realized his phone battery life just died. He asked Boug for his.

"Can I call Denise on your phone?" John said.

"No..." Boug said.

John looked frustrated and emotional.

Boug passed him his phone charger from his book bag.

"Charge your phone."

John smiled. He plugged his phone up. He took a deep breath when his phone started to vibrate. He picked up the phone.


"Hey John..."


"Yeah... are you okay?"

"no... I want my girl."

"Yeah, well I heard."

"I gotta do something."

"Yes, well that's why I'm calling."

"What's going on?"

"Denise and I are heading to the new club, Indulgence..."

"Indulgence? On 5th and south?"

"Yeah... how do you know about that place?"

"Denise wanted to go there for a while. I was going to take her there tonight, my friend Scott, it's his first night being a club promoter."

"Well... I'ma need you to relax and take things slow tonight."

"I will."

"You can't tell her, that I'm..."

John interrupted Eve, "It'll be our secret."

Eve continued, "Just to give you a heads up, Shannon has made her presence known in Denise's life."

"Denise and Shannon don't know each other."

"Yes, they do... So when you go tonight to the party, know that Shannon is working against you and the parent problem isn't the only problem within your relationship."

John thanked her and gave Boug instructions to go back home so that John could get ready for the evening. 

The End

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