Dial Tone.

John couldn't repeat himself. Denise felt his heart bleed. She didn't know what to say.

John began to collect his words together, he said: "If I knew that today would have affected me,  like this, from driving the 5 hours through the rain. Then talking about your ex Chris and the bull about how he almost raped you. (Denise cocked her head) Then meeting my parents for the first time and seeing my parent's colors... and now you're at the part, that you want to give up on me..."

Denise stepped outside to collect her thoughts.

"I love you..." She said. 

John hung up on her. She heard the dial tone. Her tears fell from her face as she tried to collect her thoughts. A few minutes later, she walked back into the boutique.  She went into the fitting room and finished crying.

Ten minutes later, a sorority sister called her that lived in the area.


"Hey Eve!"

"What's wrong? You sound upset?"

"Meeting John's parents was a disaster!"


"Yes, being black, really was a major factor."

"Oh damn."

"I know... so I decided that I wanted a break?"

"Really! Just because of his parents..."

"No, but that did play a part. He called me his fiance' and other crap..."

"Ya'll getting married."

"No? We aren't even kinda together anymore..."

"OH NO Denise... not with you and John! What is going on?"

Denise interrupted, " I don't know."

"Well I'ma come get you."

"Well come dressed to mingle, cause we'll going out to that new club."

"Mmmhhhmmm! Okay Denise! I see you!

"I don't wanna sulk, I just want to stop thinking about this."

"Okay... I got you girl."

The End

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