Denise started to slip her heels on as she realized that she was at the harbor for hours. She activated her phone again. She allowed herself to let go of being stuck in a train of thought about this situation. She stood up and walked toward the shops along the harbor. She missed more than ten calls from John and felt remorseful, but she needed the space to think about her decisions.

The evening lights glowed through out the streets and reflected a glass castle against the dark blue oceans. The small crowds of people made the city flow with noisy harmonies and slightly drunken fun. As she looked at the different window displays, a pair of royal blue pumps caught her eye and intrigued her to look inside.

She sent John a text: I'm sorry, I missed all those texts and calls. My phone was off. I needed to think.

Moments later, her phone started to vibrate. She looked down to see John calling her. Pretty Wings by Maxwell played throughout the boutique.  She took a deep breath and picked it up.

"Baby!" John said.

"Hey John..." Denise softly said.

"What's going on!!!" John said.

"Calm down, John... I need you to relax."

"What do you mean, relax!!" He started to yell.

Denise, in a pointed tone, "One more time! I need you to relax or I'm turning off my phone again."

She could feel his energy level heighten through the phone. He started to take deep breaths.

"I'm worried."

Denise reassured him, "don't be."

John sighed, "you don't mean it?"

Denise sighed and softly replied, "I love you... but I know a big part of you is your relationship with your family, as that is a big part of me..."

John reassured Denise, "I straightened it out with them, they know..."

She interrupted him, "John, when we started to date, we joked about it, but I was serious. The family's first impression was a strong one... it was..."

John interrupted her, "our relationship is between us... I would leave my family if..."

"You would not leave them! I would never allow that."

"I will not let you leave me for their ignorance..."


"No! Denise, listen to me."

"No! Johnathan, listen to me... I'm not ready for marriage..."

"Marriage?! Wait..."

"I felt like your parents made a lot of questions that we ignored, apparent, and I'm not ready to face them."

"So you're just gonna end us..."

Denise took a step back. Silence took over the conversation. Denise could feel his anger through the phone and John could feel her heartbeat.

Denise whispered, "can we just take a break?"

John stuttered, "a break?!"

The End

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