"Every once in a while, we walk through our lives and randomly look over to see someone crying on the side of the pavement. This person could be at their lowest point in their life; or just so overwhelmed, that handling whatever they are handling is just too much. Every time I see an individual like this, even though I can't help them, my facial expression shows my sympathy. My empathy clouds my face and lays flat like a fresh coating of icing on a cake. Today, it was me sitting on the side of the pavement; trying to figure out if I'm just being dramatic or maybe I can't handle the emotions that were going through my head when I was at the dinner table with his family." She thought.

Denise walked through the city of Boston. She wiped away her tears and looked for a way to get to the harbor. Watching the water always helped her focus on any decision she had to make.

"Am I being dramatic?"

She repeated to herself. She turned off her phone.

"Marriage? Family? His parents? My hunches? Shannon?" She spoke out loud. 

She opened her purse as she headed to the bus kiosk. She reached for a napkin and wiped off the seat. She sat down and calmly waited for the bus. A gentleman pulled up in dark blue Jetta.

"Excuse me... do you know how to get to..."

He stopped in mid-way sentence. Denise looked at him with a puzzled facial expression. He tried to continue but stammered through his words. Denise pointed at the traffic light, indicating that the light turned green. He looked in his rear view mirror and realized no one was behind him. He proceeded to finish his question.

"Excuse me young lady, I think you are absolutely stunning." He finished.

Denise smiled, "Thank you." She turned and looked down the street for the bus.

"Can I bother you for directions?"

Denise replied as she wiped her hair from in front of her face, "I'm not very good with those."

She didn't want to tell him that she was unfamiliar with the environment. 

He laughed, "Well, are you busy tonight?"

She looked the other way. He smiled again. Denise noticed the flag of Italy in his backseat.

He tried to get her attention and then said, "Well, if you aren't busy, you should come out to my event tonight."

He stretched out his hand over the passenger's seat and attempted to give her the flyer. She smiled as she ignored him. 

"Beautiful, can you please take the flyer and then I'll be on my way. I'll stop being creepy. Promise."

Denise said, "Promise?"

He laughed as she took his promotion flyer.

"It's my first club promotion, and I love for you to be there. If not, its okay..."

Denise smiled, "Thank you."

He continued as a few cars drove around him.

"The code for you to get in free is, "Scott's 1st party"... cause it's my party," he smiled.

Denise wiped her hair from in front of her face again and Scott continued, "By the way, my name is Scott, Scott Rodge and yours?"

"Nice to meet you Scott. I'll guess you'll find out my name IF I come tonight." She giggled.

He laughed, "I guess so."

Denise said, "have a good night."

"You too!" Scott said as he drove off.

The End

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