Carol cringed, "baby, just breathe..."

John Sr. "Son, relax."

John aggressively pinched his nose with his fingers.

"I don't know where she is!"

Boug replied, "Didn't she take your car?"

Carol whispered, "she's a thief?"

John Sr. shushed Carol.

John punched the trash can again and yelled, "She parked the car on the next block and walked away."

John started to walk towards the next block. He called her phone again. His parents drove ahead of him to his car while Matt drove sharply behind them.

John walked up to his vehicle and looked behind the left tire to find his car keys.

Boug got out of the car and ran over to John.

John visibly upset got into his car.

"You are not driving!" Carol yelled through the passenger seat window.

John yelled back, "This is not your call!"

He slammed opened his car door and Boug ran in front of him.

"I'll drive!" Boug commanded.

"Move!" John said.

Boug commanded again.

John tried to move Boug and Boug stood his ground.

John smiled. John is a muscular man of 230lbs. While Boug would be consider slim and short of 140lbs. Everyone were talking at the same time encouraging John to allow Boug to drive.

John said it once more, "Move! Now..."

Boug snatched the keys out of his hands and slid into the driver seat.

"Let's go!"

John smiled and got into the car. Boug drove away with his family right behind him.

The car was silent as they drove through the streets of the south-end of Boston.

He turned on the radio, and Janet Jackson's "That The Way Love Goes" was playing. Boug bounced his head to it as John scanned the streets.

He continued to beat himself up. He shouldn't have let her go the way that she did. He realized that he truly loved her.

The End

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