John hugged his mother Carol at the end of dinner. She apologized for being upset and over reacting about the situation with Denise.

"I am sorry. I feel horrible now," repeated Carol as she walked alongside her husband.

"You should!" John responded as he followed right behind them.

Carol defended herself: "But you can't be surprising me like that!  It really does bother me when I feel that my sons aren't hitting their potential when they date women that are "under" them."

Lisa rolled her eyes and John continued to listen to her.

Carol continued, "but if you truly care for her and its not a fluke, then yes, I won't stop you. Just encouraged you to raise your standards."

John interjected, "Mom!"

Carol smiled, "I kid, I kid! (laughing) Okay, just do what you have to do."

John walked up to her and gave her a hug.

John said, "Thank you for at least being slightly open-minded."

Carol giggled, "I try!"

She hugged him again and  John Sr. gave him a firm handshake.


"Yes pops?" John said as his dad continued to shake it firmly.

"We didn't mean to do that... it was just the initial reaction we had. Horrible, yes! But the last time we dealt with a horrible girlfriend was when Matt dated that black girl... and she wasn't polite. She was horrible."

Matt smiled, "she was amazing in bed though!"

John and Matt shouted in an outburst.  They bursted into laughter while his parent shot Matt an evil glare.

John smiled, "I didn't know you dated black girls!"

Matt laughed, "Yeah, I like them all except indian women. I don't know why... it just doesn't do anything for me. I thought Denise was pretty."

Carol wiped her tears, bringing the conversation and attention back to her.

She interrupted, "I feel horrible. Was I that bad?"

Matt laughed, "MOM! You were horrible. Dad, you weren't a ball of skittles neither."

They all chuckled as they walked towards their respective vehicles. John picked up his phone to call Denise. Everyone continued to talk about the night as John paced the sidewalk waiting for Denise's response.

Matt jumped into his jeep while Lisa and Boug clipped on their seatbelt. Carol and his dad put the key into the ignition. John walked up to their car door while still on the phone and smiled.

"I love you, folks."

Carol loving her limelight grabbed a tissue and wiped her tears, "I am really sorry. I cannot believe I acted like this to that poor woman."

John said, "Well when you see her again, you'll treat her with respect and possibly the wife I want her to be!"  He put his phone down.

Carol smiled, "You're thinking about marriage?"

John Sr. smiled as he shook his head in acceptance.

John smiled, "I am."

John Sr. smiled, "Hopefully we haven't screwed it up."

Matt's jeep drove up behind his parents. John became to multitask as he called his voicemail.

John laughed, "Well I did give her a clue when I yelled she may be my fiance!"
Everyone laughed as John's facial expression changed.

"What's wrong?" Matt said.

John finished, "Denise, just broke up me via voicemail. Family means a lot to her, and because she isn't accepted... she..."

John slowly started to get angry. His parents jumped up from their seat.

"I shouldn't have listened to her!"  He punched the trash can.

"Calm down! We'll fix this!" said Carol.

"Ugh! You've caused enough!" He yelled at her.

The End

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