John walked out of the restaurant and Denise quickly followed. He grabbed his car keys from her hands.

Denise said, "I will not let you drive like this."

John responded back, "They didn't even give you a chance!"

Denise grabbed his hand, and took back the keys. John punched the side of the building. Denise looked remorseful. Denise grabbed him and she could feel his pulse shake throughout his body.

Denise tried to grab his attention, "John, look at me!"

John looked into her green eyes.

She said, "I need you to relax. I also need you to breathe."

He started to take deep breaths as she continued to speak.

She continued, "I understand you're upset... trust me, I'm upset too! But I don't want to ruin your relationship with them. It's something that they have to get used too. But I cannot allow you to walk out on them, like this. Yes, I understand how they feel. But you love your family, and if I wasn't present it wouldn't have been like this."

John was puzzled.

He replied, "So..."

Denise continued, "So... I want you to go back in there and have a dinner with your family."

John finished, "Without you?"

Denise replied, "Yes, without me."


"I don't want to be the reason why you and your family aren't getting along. Maybe it was too early for me to meet them."

"We've been dating for over a year now."

"They haven't known that. Maybe that we were friends for about three years."

"Denise... I don't want to..."

"I would rather you too. You know I love you! But you love your family more, I refuse to be the reason why you guys aren't getting along. And plus you can find out the real reason they despise me."

"They don't despise you, baby. Honestly, I think it's just because you're a black woman."

"Yeah, I figured."

Denise kissed John on his lips. Boug and Lisa stood watching from the doorway of the restaurant. They released from the kiss.

Denise turned to see a few pair of eyes watching them.

She said, "Thank you for a fun evening."

Boug walked up to Denise and put out his hands. Denise looked at John as Boug hugged Denise.

"I'm so sorry about my parents. They have their prejudices but their aren't racist."

Denise graciously smiled. Lisa hugged Denise too.

"Sorry Denise."

Denise said, " It's okay! Don't worry."

She said as she masked her true feelings. John knew her better than this. He kissed her on her lips and walked back in with a puzzled Lisa and Boug.  She walked away slowly, holding her feelings in.


She turned around and John smiled. He continued:

"I'll make this better. Don't worry."

"I love you..." She responded.

"I love you, baby." John said back, "I'll call you when we are finished."

She continued walking.

A few seconds later. She sat in his car and put on her "Day 26" cd. She looked through his cd collection above the dashboard and found a picture of herself hugging John on their first date. She wept quietly.

The End

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