John commanded silence. He was embarrassed and could see Denise's frustration all over her face. He couldn't believe that his mother would say something like that. He looked around at his family. All of his family members had a various of facial expressions that ranged from sympathy to embarassment to astonishment.

Denise subtly rubbed his knee under the table and whispered "it's okay."

Denise tried to ease the tension by forcing the table to switch conversations. She understood that even though she wasn't wanted, she had every right to be by her boyfriend's side. She adverted everyone's attention to the food that was slowly getting cold  but the damage was already done. Lisa, John's cousin agreed with Denise before she was interrupted.

Carol asked, "wow! This has just been an interesting start to dinner!"

Everyone looked around but the family was still silent. Everyone slowly began to eat.

Carol continued, "Denise, can I please have a moment with my son please?"

Denise declined and said, "if the conversation is pertaining to me, I would like to be present for it."

John smiled, "that's my girl."

Carol chuckled to herself.

Boug tried to change the conversation, "mmmmhhhhhmmmm! This pasta is delicious! Did anyone try the shrimp?"

Matt,  John's other brother responded, "indeed! The bread and butter is something I never had before. Do they put cinnamon in the butter?!" 

Lisa, John's cousin continued, "Yes Matty, they do put cinnamon in the butter!"

Lisa turned to Denise and said, "Denise, do you like the shrimp?"

Denise smiled, "yes, I love shrimp!"

John's dad interrupted, "now you know your mother has to finish her train of thought. Enough of the small talk."

John glared at his father as his frustration grew.

Carol finished, "thanks honeypie."

She turned all her attention to John.

Carol continued, "I thought this surprise was about our family. I wasn't expecting you to bring or dating this uneducated, urban child from the ghetto of Philadelphia. And then present her to be your fiance! Why would you ever..."

Denise's mouth dropped. She was stunned.

Denise whispered underneath her breathe, "Did this witch just call me an..."

John answered quietly, "baby, let it go..."

Carol finished, "... whom has corrupted my son."

John stood up, grabbed Denise's hand and said, "I love you all. It was nice seeing you again."

Carol said, "Where are you going! I'm talking to you!!"

John Sr. said, "Johnathon, do not walk away when your mother is talking to you!"

Carol said, "Why would you choice this---"

John interrupted, "Watch it!"

Denise grabbed her purse. John tossed $40 dollars on the table.

 "Good night all!"

The End

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