Her navy blue dress with chiffon layers flowed from left to right as she nervously walked alongside John. For a taste of sophistication, John's parents chose a beautiful and well known place to meet up with John and the woman that has been occupying his time with. Mistral Bistro is a beautiful restaurant that laid in the south end of Boston.

The restaurant was beautiful as Denise found herself speechless.

Boug walked quickly ahead as he wanted to see his mother's facial expression. John checked in with the host and they proceeded to their table.

As they approached the table, Denise and John muttered words back to each other.

"That's your parents?" She whispered as they walked closer to the table.

"Yeppers, John Sr. and Carol."

"Baby, I'm scared."

"Don't be."

"I have to say, this place is beautiful, though."

"Just like you." John said as he interlocked his fingers with Denise's.

"Don't me blush, in front of your parents."

(chuckling) "Why not?"

"Makes me look like a ho."

(laughing) "Why a ho?!"

"I don't know... blushing in front of your parents, wearing this dress that I feel is too short. Um, I just want to be gracious."

She giggled.

(laughing) "Well atleast you're my ho!"

(laughing as she punched him) "Not even!"

They walked up to the table and his mother observed Denise's body motions.

"Hello parents!" John cheerfully said as he hugged his dad. Denise stood calmly and patiently.

"Hello babycakes!" His mom cheerly said back.

His brothers stood up to hug him.

"Mom, Dad, and family, this is my girlfriend Denise."

Everyone greeted Denise. Denise smiled and shook hands with everyone and sat down alongside John. His mother made a gesture to switch seats with his brother, Matt and without Denise noticing, he declined the offer.

The waiter walked over and small conversations between the family members took over the table. No one spoke to Denise. She looked around as John's mother stared at her. Denise tried to advertly not pay attention to her, but that was slightly frustrating her.

Denise thought about it: "Why is she staring at me?! And why isn't anyone else not paying much attention for this. I am a beautiful and sophisticated woman. I will not let this woman scare me. Just be polite and be myself... well kinda."

Denise giggled outloud.

Carol asked, "What's so funny?"

Denise laughed again as she collected her thoughts.

John looked at Denise. She smiled.

She lied, "Your earrings reminded me of when John and I drove from Virginia to -"

His mother interrupted her and redirected the focus to John, "You went to Virginia?" 

John smiled, and chuckled, "Yeah, with Denise."

Carol replied, "When?"

Denise interjected, "A random weekend, I think back by Sept... Aug... hmm--"

Carol replied, "Sorry dear, I was speaking to my son. Not the woman whom he's sleeping with!"

A few members of the family bursted outloud into laughter but Denise quickly responded,

"Oh no, he isn't sleeping with me. Maybe his actual girlfriend." She jokingly said.

John responded "Mom!"

Carol squinted her eyes. His dad laughed along with the other family.

Denise continued, "I'm actually just John's friend. His actual girlfriend couldn't make it so he decided to get me here, so he wouldn't disappoint you, now isn't that just a great son."

Carol smirked as John became frustrated.

Matt's girlfriend Marge said, "Oh isn't that a relief."

Carol sighed, "Oh thank goodness..."

Denise smiled and looked around the table. Her feelings were hurt but she refused to let it show. John punched the table as the waiter place down the food.

John stood up, "You will not treat my fiance' like this! You will treat her with respect!"

Denise looked up and whispered, "fiance' ?"

Carol said, "You're trying to marry her?"

Marge said, "what happened to Shannon of about 10 years?"

Boug said, "Congratz?!"

Sean, and Dan (John's other brothers) tried to calm down the group as they were already disturbing other tables.

John's dad said, "Wait... you're going to... do what?!"

Matt and his dad tried to restore order within the table but John was already pissed.

He turned to Denise and said, "You don't have to lie, anymore!"

Denise rubbed his face and calmly said, "Baby, relax. It's okay."

Carol responded, "It is NOT okay!"

The End

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