Fun Timez

John nervously laughed as he turned off the car's engine. Denise sat there in awe.

She looked at him with a puzzled facial expression, "Um?! So? Wait... what?!"

John smiled and adverted her confusion by saying, "I'm ready, let's go!"

"Johnathon Beeeaam..." Denise began to say.

John interrupted, "baby, you don't even have to say it."

She rolled her eyes. John grabbed his blazer jacket from the backseat. Denise sat in the car and remained still. John smiled and flashed his blue eyes to her. She ignored him.

Denise grabbed the mirror and proceeded to check her makeup.

He tried to convince her by saying, "Baby, their aren't bad."

Denise smiled as she got out of the car.

She said, "Fine! I guess I'll go have some fun."


"Yes, baby... fun!"

John smiled, "Can we not get kicked out of the restaurant, please?"

Denise smiled, "Whoa! I'm not a stereotype! I'll be on my best behavior."

John smirked as he grabbed her hand.

"Denise, before we go in there."  He turned to look at her. His facial expression became very serious. She became attentive.

"Know this. That I love you and whatever they say in there, doesn't reflect the way I feel about you."

"Oh John..." she whispered.

He continued as he gently rubbed her face, "I love you, Neicy."

He gently leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. Her eyes gently closed as she was taken back by his embrace. She was suddenly knocked back into reality when John's little brother jumped on his back.

"BOUG!" John said as he held Denise up from falling.

*Snap, clap, snap,* (in a rhythmic beat.) John and Boug  greeted each other with a hand greeting.

They hugged each other and Denise waited there patiently.

John smiled and introduced Denise to Boug.

"Yo Bro, this is my beautiful lady, Denise." Denise reached out her hand to shake it, and Boug bent down and kissed it.

"Hello, Madam Denise, it's a pleasure to meet you." Boug said.

She giggled as John continued, "And Denise, this is my goofy ass little brother that somedays give me a sharp pain in my left shoulder blade." He pointed at his shoulder.

Boug laughed, "Its a small pain and you enjoy it. You know you like it rough, right Denise?"

Denise politely giggled. John continued, "Boug is his name."

Boug interrupted, "Yeah, I used to eat bugs when I was younger, and the name kinda stuck."

Denise smiled, "So what is your actual name?"

Boug laughed and whispered, "No one knows, and no one will find out."

Denise looked at John and he smiled.

Boug continued, "Now, everyone is waiting for you. Let's go!"

Boug led John and Denise into the restaurant. 

The End

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