Old News.


Denise looked at John.

Denise whispered, "Do you remember that incident a few years ago?"

John turned down the radio as he drove in the storm.

Denise repeated herself, "The storm reminds me of that night."

John looked puzzled, "what night?!"

Denise looked outside and said, "the night that Chris tried to..."

An aggravated John interrupted, "don't finish! We don't have to bring that up."

Silence took over the car with light music playing in the background. Denise stared out of the window while John stared into the street.

A few seconds later, an stubborn Denise finished, "Chris tried to rape me... and he would have succeeded if you never...

John interrupted again, "Denise!"

Denise finished, "I haven't spoken about it since it happened a few years ago. I'm okay with it now."

John shook his head in disbelief. John was thinking about how his parents were going to handle Denise and his nervousness was showing as he grew frustrated with her conversation.

John turned up the music. Denise ran her fingers through her hair.

John calmly asked, "Why are we talking about this? Especially on my way to meet my parents?"

Denise said, "The storm is bringing it all back for me... and I just gotta get it off my chest... I'm sorry."

John smiled, "then continue..."

Denise sharply exhaled as John rocked his head back and forth to the music. She turned it down and continued:

"John, if you would have never walked in, he would have destroyed me. The way he had me pinned, I was such an idiot back then."

An irritated John responded, "You weren't an idiot... don't say that!"

"He had me pinned! I was too busy flirting with him to see the warning signs!"

"You weren't an idiot..." He looked at the road, and said, "Can we stop talking about this?!"

His annoyance grew. She grabbed his right hand while his left hand remain on the steering wheel.

Denise continued, "Thank you for getting my text message and taking it serious that night. None of my friends did and if you didn't, I don't know where I would be right now."

"I loved you back then, like I love you now."

Denise leaned over and kissed him.

"I love you too, John." She chuckled, "We can stop talking about this now."

John smiled, "You're so hard-headed."

Denise happily said, "And you love every minute of it!"

John pulled into the parking lot and said, "Are you ready for these people in this building?!"

Denise smiled, "Your crazy family?"

John chuckled, "Yes."

Denise smiled, "Do, they know that your girlfriend is a black woman." She jokingly said about herself. 

John smirked, "Kinda..."

"Kinda?" She interjected.

"Let's just say it's going to be a interesting night, cause they're slightly racist."

She coughed... "What?!"

"I love you, baby?" He chuckled.

The End

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