In 2006, when Ficlets was up and running; I wrote a series of chapters focusing on the lives of John, an Causcasian male from West Newberry, Mass., whom was falling in love with an African American woman from Philadelphia. What makes them special?! Their chemistry, and their bond between each other! My focus is to rewrite and create new chapters focusing on my fictional characters. I based John, off of my perspective of John Cena and Denise off a female impression of my female friends. Enjoy!

She shook her umbrella as she stepped inside from the rain. The warm brown room welcomed her as she inhaled the smooth aroma of breakfast blend and coffee beans.

"Oh Starbucks..." She smiled as she walked through the seating arrangement. She looked around to see her same customers that come here every other night, like clockwork.

She reapplied a dark  redwood coating of lipstick onto her lips. She glanced at her watch, and glanced outside.

A bolt of lightening flashed in front of the glass that she was standing at. She reached for her cell phone.

Margaret, a customer of hers, grabbed her arm.

"Denise, don't worry, he'll be here."

Denise turned, "Damn, I guess you can read my worry all over my facial expression."

Margaret smiled, "Yes dear, I can."

Margaret was a regular customer of Denise's since Denise was first hired as a Barista a few years ago. Now, Denise was recently promoted and Margaret still comes down to visit her.

Denise walked into the station and fixed Margaret her favorite cup of joe. She greeted her employees and changed the music selection.

"Floetry always has that right mood for this place." Denise smiled as Floetry's I want you played throughout her establishment.

Denise placed the grande cup of coffee infront of the sixty-two year old woman.

Margaret said, "You always take good care of me."

Denise smiled, "Anything for you, Mrs. Toke."

A man walked up behind Denise and covered her eyes.

Margaret smiled and said, "Denise, guess whose behind you."

A smile crept on Denise's face as she inhaled his cologne.

Denise replied, "Is it my one and only?"

John turned her around and lightly kissed her on her lips.

"Hey baby!"

She smiled as he hugged her.

Margaret said, "this girl was getting so worked up because of the thunder storm outside."

Denise agreed and John replied, "Naw, my girl don't let nothing get her worked up."

They laughed.

John smiled and whispered something in her ear. Margaret smiled.

Denise grabbed his hand and said, "Are you ready to go?"

John lead her to the door and they waved to the customers and left.

The End

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