To Find Legendary Beginnings

Lake Verity, Sinnoh Region

September 13th, 2013 P.W.A 

The two pre-teens walked through the narrow path towards the lake. So few people came up through here that the path was little bigger then a game trail, the path still worn and obvious though the surrounding vegetation threatened to overwhelm it.

“This is kinda creepy Richie.” Holly remarked as the continued on “We can’t even see any light at the end of the trail since it’s so dark out. Why on earth couldn’t you have waited for tomorrow?”

“Cause well… My dad’s coming home tomorrow so he and mom can see me off of Tuesday.” Richie was flushed, and Holly knew it was from pleased embarrassment rather than exertion like he would try to pass it off as.

“That’s wonderful Richie! It’s pretty far away where he works isn’t it. You only get to see him when he gets time off right?” Holly asked politely, excited for her friend.

He nodded rapidly “All the way in the Frontier, but Raizo’s super fast so he’ll probably be here tomorrow morning.” His face was practically glowing with happiness.


Soon afterwards, the two cleared the trees and were walking up the hill to see the lake. As they began to crest the hill, they heard a muffled voice up ahead.

Richie made a shushing motion as they drew near; straining to hear what the voice was saying. Holly rolled her eyes at him, really someone alone at the lake this late at night? Probably some campers who wanted to get a good look at the place; nothing all that important about it.

As they headed down the hill, Holly caught sight of the owner of the voice. He was tall by her best judgment, short blue hair and well-defined cheekbones.

Something inside of her riled from just looking at him. A tingling voice screaming at her to run, that this man was wrong and that she wasn’t safe. It made her skin crawl. She ignored it, she would never be the type to judge someone based on instinct, that road led to ruin.

He was heading towards them, seemingly done with whatever he had been doing previous to their arrival, but even this far away, Holly could hear him speak: “Sleep well for now, Being of the Lake. Sleep well.” His voice was dark, full of an immeasurable intent that she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

She gulped as he continued towards them. No matter how she much she denied it, he did at the very least make her nervous. As he passed the two of them he gave a murmured apology and proceeded down the forested path away from the lake. Holly released a breath she hadn’t been aware she was holding as he disappeared from their view.

“That was weird” Richie muttered, walking towards the lakeside, sitting down on a large rock. “Come on Holly, grab a spot. Even if we don’t see Mesprit, the lake is super pretty; it’d be nice just to relax for a little while wouldn’t it?”

“How long are we planning on just sitting around anyways Richie? It’s getting dark real quick and you know how my parents are.” She asked, relaxing against one of the larger rocks.

It was true, although Holly knew the sun was still slightly up in town, out here, you couldn’t even see a hint of orange and pink light.

The sky was a swirling combination of darker blues and purples; Holly could even spot the sliver of the crescent moon coming up over the treetops.

“Well I didn’t really think of…” Richie was cut off as a sharp but somehow soft cry echoed through the clearing.

Holly shot up and looked out at the lake. A shimmering, practically invisible form could still be seen in the fading light. It gave another cry before disappearing into thin air, the lake rippling from the force.


Holly and Richie looked at each other, both looking absolutely gob smacked. After a few seconds both blinked before breaking out into enormous grins.

“We just saw a Legendary Pokemon!” they both shouted in obvious glee, jumping up to hug each other. Forgetting of course that they were on a rock-laden beach. They accidentally whacked temples and fell over.
The two of them looked at each other again, rubbing their foreheads and burst into laughter before helping each other stand back up. Richie spoke up, still chuckling “Come on Holly’s lets head home before we fall in the lake.”

She nodded, trying to straighten her hair up, pulling her headband back again. “Do you think we should you know… tell anyone?” she asked, running her hands through her hair; trying to work out a tangle.

“Nah, I mean who’d believe us? We’re just a couple of kids.”

She didn’t bother correcting him, that she had meant the strange man that they had seen leaving. She was too happy to spoil the mood with dark thoughts of why he had been there, why what they thought to be Mesprit had fled so soon after he had left. Still, she had a sinking feeling she would be regretting not telling anyone later.


Later on as she tucked herself into bed, snuggling up with Piplup, she was still wondering why that man had creeped her out so much. “He couldn’t have been that old, his thirties at the latest” she murmured into Piplup’s soft, downy feathers. “His presence is soo…” She trailed off and shuddered remembering the sensation she had felt when he passed her.

Piplup made a small noise in his sleep, cuddling closer to her. She smiled contentedly at the peaceful expression on his face. Still, today had been a wonderful day and she wasn’t going to let strange man ruin that for her “No matter what…” She mumbled sleepily, drifting off into dreamland.

Abigail peeked in on her stepdaughter’s room, smiling as she noted that the young girl had fallen asleep. She gracefully walked down the stairs back down into the living room where she and Joseph had been watching the late night news.

“Holly asleep?” Joseph asked mildly, sitting in his favorite spot on the couch. She nodded, curling up next to him gazing at his face for a moment.

“So darling what are your thoughts on today? I know Holly’s declared it her best day ever.” Abigail crinkled her nose “it was a wonderful day for me too, but I wouldn’t go that far.”

He breathed out deeply “Pretty good. We made a big deal at work and my boss is thinking of promoting me. Then I come home and Holly’s so excited and confident about getting her first Pokémon. She… looked so much like her mother did the first time I saw her.”

“What was her mother like? You’ve never talked about her to me. I've been under the impression that she was a good woman but she divorced you when you had only been married for what three, four years?” Abby asked, looking into his eyes

“We were so young… She loved, loves Holly to itsy bitsy pieces but…  I think our marriage was just so superficial… We knew so little about each other that I think she just couldn’t take it. I think we might have just been infatuated with each other, the dangers of first love I suppose.”

“Alright, won’t push any farther tonight. You have to agree; it is a lovely night.” Abby laid her head against his shoulder, sighing happily.

“So yes, Today was a good day for me, though Holly’s does trump us all at the whole thing.” He paused “Was it just me, or did she look even more excited when she got home from hanging out with Richie than she did when leaving?”

Abby gnawed on her thumb “Do you think something else happened?” she asked him, tilting her head up to meet his gaze.

“I’m not sure. I mean what could happen in an hour and half that’s either of equal or greater to what happened to her this morning?” He looked at his wife and they shared a chuckle. After all, what could be more exciting than receiving your first Pokémon?


The next morning, Holly woke up bright-eyed and cheery. Good thing too, it was already nine o’ clock. Stretching, she sat up in bed and pulled open her curtains. “Morning Piplup” she yawned, rubbing the back of her head.

The tiny penguin gave a sleepy chirp, rolling over into the warmth of her pillow. Holly rubbed her eyes, a tiny smile on her face. “Oh, is my little protector sleepy this morning?” she gently teased, poking him.  He rolled over again with an annoyed chirp. She laughed “I guess I’ll just have to go to breakfast without you!” she singsonged. She laughed even harder as he shot up in a panic.

“Come on, Piplup. We’ve got to get up now.” She told him, picking him up. He was still rubbing his eyes, trying to wake up and looked, quite frankly adorable.

“Today’s going to be sooo boring. Richie’s busy, Abi-mum goes to visit her sister today, and the twins go to the babysitter’s. We’re on our own today.” She perked up and smiled “guess what that means?”

He gave a questioning chirp.



A couple of hours later that was what was still occupying them. Holly sat on the couch, still in her pj’s eating a bowl of cereal. Piplup had curled up on her lap and was currently waving the remote control around like a baton.

“Eeee, Paru and the Ponyta is on!” she squealed happily, grabbing the remote and nearly spilling her cereal. “Come one, come on new episode, new episode!” she checked the summary and groaned out a disappointed “filler”

Piplup looked up at her, confused. “Ah, right my little protector. You don’t know what filler is.” She tapped her chin, in thought. “It’s episodes or events that do nothing to advance the plot. Sometimes they’re good, extra chapters the author never added in to the official continuum and sometimes they suck and should be shot on site.” She paused a moment, re-reading the episode summary. “I've never seen this one, so who knows: it might be good.”


By the middle of the afternoon, the two had been reduced to channel surfing through educational programming and soaps. “Good programming from 10 to 1, then zip until after five. It’s vacation for almost everyone but people with jobs. Why the freakin gap?” she whined, hugging Piplup as they flipped past the Soap Network once again.

“Well I guess they think most kids would be off playing outside and stuff… Come on Piplup, I’ll go get dressed. Wouldn’t want Abi-mum to think we’ve done nothing but watch TV in our pj’s all day.” She bit her lip “Even if it’s mostly true.”

Around 15 to 20 minutes later Holly hopped down the stairs two at a time clothed in her usual outfit. Piplup hopped down the stairs unsteadily behind her. After she reached the bottom she spun around to check on her Pokemon, who was easing himself down the fourth step on to the third, nearly falling. She smiled before leaning over to give him a hand.

She headed for the back door, grabbing her favorite pair of shoes and a book. “Let’s go sit outside for a while. It’s still pretty nice out, good day to get some reading done.” She held the book up “If I’m going off on my journey tomorrow I should probably do a little bit of review, right?”

Piplup looked at her and nodded, though he seemed slightly confused to what she was talking about. She absent-mindedly rubbed the top of his head before he ran off to wander around the backyard.

She smiled to herself as she noticed him start to chase after the tiny butterflies that lived around town. They were different from the Butterfree and Beautifly that were found closer to Florama, these were just normal animals, no bigger than her thumb as compared to a Caterpie or Wurmple the size of her hand or bigger.

She slowly flipped through the pages, occasionally looking up from it to check on Piplup. Really, he was possibly the sweetest thing she had ever seen, bar none. Holly worried her lip as she looked at him. He needed a name, really, he did, but choosing the right name was such a big deal. She couldn’t give him a silly name; he was her starter, the Pokemon who she would spend the most time with, the one who would help her the most on her journey. Naming your starter was an important part of becoming a trainer. Or at least it was in her mind.

“Oh my little protector, what to call you…” A small shock went through her as she realized what she had called him. “Protector” she whispered, almost shocked with herself “No… has to sound a little better than that… What’s the old world word for protector again?” she hit her fist against her palm in a ‘that’s it!’ motion.

“Mamoru. I’ll call him Mamoru”


After supper that night, she had placed Piplup back in his pokeball and decided to go for one last walk around town. The next morning she and her parents would be leaving too early for her to take a last look around. So tonight she had decided to go visit all of her favorite places one last time before tomorrow.

She popped her head into her favorite soda shop and went and sat down in her favorite seat, silently enjoying herself as she waited for the waitress to come and take her order. From behind the counter, the owner of the little shop came out from the kitchen. “Ah Holly, my favorite customer! What brings ya to my little place tonight? You want the usually I be assumin’?”

Holly nodded before replying “Ms. Nala! Haven’t seen you in a while, how’s the shop?” Ms. Nala was a tall, dark skinned woman in her early thirties who was unquestionably the favorite adult of Twinleaf’s child population. Her little soda shop named simply ‘Nala’s’ sold ice cream, milkshakes, soda pop and homemade desserts along with a light lunch and dinner menu, priced to fit the average kid’s budget. Right next door, connected to Nala’s was a small candy store; the only one in town. That alone would have made it popular, but it was the cheery and helpful attitude of the staff that really made the place shine for most kids.

“Holly, the shop is doing just fine since the last time I saw you. I been hearin rumors about you and Richie lately. Any truth to them?” she asked, leaning in. The entire shop had seemed to quiet and pause at the same time, as if they were all listening in on the conversation.

“What rumors?” Holly tried to deadpan to little success.

“You know that you’ve received permission to go on your journey, that you have your starter and are leaving us tomorrow?” Nala told her in a manner that implied that she knew exactly what she was talking about.

“My oh my, where did you hear such rumors!” Holly mock gasped.

“Your step-mother and Mrs. Sparks. Both are quite proud of you two.”

Holly blushed and sunk into her seat as best as one can on a stool. “Fine, you got it out of me.” She sighed pulling out her pokeball and showing it to the curious staff that had gathered around halfway through her and Nala’s banter. As she straightened up she was greeted to a chorus of ‘congratulations!’ pats on the back, and hugs from everyone around her.

It was one of the good things of living in small towns; everyone knew each other, which meant that one person’s celebrations seemed like the cause for minor parties by a lot more people. It didn’t help that most of the people in Twinleaf, while they sometime seemed reserved and uptight, in truth loved to party and party often.

As the group began to calm down and return to work, Holly sat a slight smile on her face, her cheeks rosy. One of the three waitresses working set her usual Chocolate milkshake down on the counter before going to attend to someone else. Holly turned slightly as she heard the bell on the door ring.

Coming in from the darkening street, was Richie looking tired, but content. Holly cleared her throat to garner his attention and met his eyes when he looked up at her. She tilted her head to the side and patted the stool next to hers.

“Thanks Holly.” He told her softly, leaning on the counter.

“Do you want me to hail a waitress?” At his nod she continued “I would suppose that you want your usual vanilla milkshake and fries. Anything special to go with it?”

“One big slice of Nala’s Chocó-banana pie.”

“You’re sure hungry” she replied, her tone bordering on scolding.

“Last chance for a long time to get one. Its filling, but my favorite.”

She shrugged “I suppose you’re right about that.” She paused before attracting the attention of the waiter managing the counter. “Excuse me, ah Herbie, Richie’s usual plus Nala’s Chocó-banana pie and I want… Her Phanphy Stampede Sundae.” The waiter’s jaw dropped slightly, but he recovered quickly.

She turned to look at Richie whose jaw she had practically heard dropping. She looked him dead in the eye and told him: “It’s my favorite, and yes I am perfectly capable of eating it, I just don’t do it very often.”

“But Holly, its huge, like the size of your head. Doesn’t it weigh the same as like a Nidoran?”

“The same as a Rattata actually, and that’s just an exaggeration And so what? I know what I’m getting into Richard.” She glared at him before her expression fell and changed into a brilliant smile. “Did we just seriously almost get into an argument over ice-cream?” she laughed

“Yeah and?” Richie asked her, his face totally straight for about a minute before he too cracked up.

“Goodness, we’re silly. So what brings you here? Weren’t you going to be spending some quality time with your dad?” she scratched the tip of her nose, taking a long sip of her milkshake.

“Yeah, but I figured I owed mom and dad some alone time. She hasn’t seen him in like two and half months. Anyways, I figured you’d come here.” Richie grinned as his milkshake was set down onto the table. He took a large slurp from it before continuing on. “You’re probably packed and everything, right?

She arched her eyebrow “And you’re not?”

Richie blushed a deep red “OF… of course I’m packed! I’m just saying you probably got packed like yesterday or something like that.”

Her shoulders slumped. “And what if I did?”

“I insulted you, didn’t I? I was trying to say you’re organized, that’s a compliment right?”

“Nah, I know what you were trying to say. It’s just; yeah I did pack on Saturday when I got home. You saying it just kinda made me feel a bit anal about the whole thing.” She scrunched her nose up in an annoyed manner “I need thicker skin I suppose.”

“So, yeah as I was saying: I figured you’d be here. Last chance to come here for a while. Until we get Fly it’ll take too long to go all the way home.” Richie sighed taking another slurp of his milkshake.

“Point taken. I was just walking around cause I was bored. And I wanted ice-cream.” Holly shrugged a bit and continued to sip from her milkshake.

“And I want pie; no one blames you this is good stuff.”


Later on the two were walking home together, both feeling insanely stuffed. Richie spoke up after a few minutes of awkward silence “So Holls was it worth it?”

Holly moaned slightly “First: yes it was. Second: please don’t make me talk right now. I’m so full…”

“Can’t say I didn’t warn ya”

“Didn’t you hear me? No talking!”

“No, gotta say one last thing: Ha, ha!”

Holly kicked him in the shin before turning to walk down her street. “You ain’t one to talk Richard Sparks! You’re just as full as I am!” she yelled back at him as she headed up her front steps.

He yelled back before heading to his own house for the night “That may be, but you’re supposed to be the practical one Holly!” She silently fumed as she watched him disappear from her view.

“He makes me soo mad sometimes!”

“Holly, how was your walk?”

“It was fine Abi-mum, I’m going to bed now” she responded to her stepmother as she climbed the stairs up to her room. After she shut the door, she fell backwards on to her bed. “Really I’m not that full, just a little uncomfortable but it really was my last chance to have one and I don’t regret eating it. Maybe I regret eating all of it, but not choosing it.” She told Piplup’s pokeball “You can’t even hear a word I’m saying can you?”

The pokeball didn’t move any and she sighed before standing back up. “I’ll just get ready for bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow, big day ahead of me.” She kissed the pokeball and changed before turning out the lights. “Night… Mamo-chan”







Oldale Town, Sinnoh Region

September 15th


I can’t believe this is happening she thought as she looked out the car window. This is actually happening. The thought kept running through her mind as if stuck on repeat, or the skipping of an old cd. “This is happening right Abi-mum? I’m not just dreaming?” she asked her stepmother, a tone of absolute awe in her voice.

Abigail’s eyes crinkled into a smile as she observed the expression on Holly’s face “Yes, it isn’t a dream, this is happening dear. We’ll be in Oldale in just a little bit.”

Holly nodded, seemingly focused on something off in the distance.

Abigail considered herself lucky that she wasn’t hyperventilating.

Registration day had to be one of the most important days of a kid’s life, and things only got better from here on out. Still Holly’s life, though pleasant and pretty fun wasn’t exactly… exciting. The closest thing to this was the day she graduated from the Academy.

The family car, a medium sized red four-door hatchback drove up the road, past the Welcome to Oldale Town sign, through the town’s main street. The streets were full of bustling shoppers and kids a various ages running around, Pokemon were everywhere.

Holly couldn’t stop looking at everything. She never remembered really coming through Oldale; her parents took the highway to go to Jubilife. The town was pretty big, especially in comparison to the absolutely puny Twinleaf Town. Just under four hundred people lived in her hometown. Oldale had nearly two thousand people living there, plus seasonal tourists.

Both of course were nothing compared to the bigger cities like Jubilife and Eternea City, to say nothing of places like Veilstone or Hearthome. It was intimidating thinking about it; the feeling of nervous Butterfree dancing in her stomach similar to the one she had on her first day at the Trainer’s Academy in Jubilife.

She could see it now, the Professor’s laboratory. It was pretty hard to miss, at the edge of town, close to the entrance to the trainer’s path, route 201 from Twinleaf to Oldale. She’d have to go sweep it after she was registered; she heard that new trainer’s got free potions from a Mart representative that trolled the route.

As she hopped out of the car, she waved at Lucas who was waiting outside the building. He waved back and walked up to her. “Holly right? I’m Lucas, you probably remember me from when you met the professor on Saturday correct?” he held his hand out to her and she shook it before adjusting her bag over her shoulder.

“Right, you brought his briefcase. Is my friend here yet? I thought I saw his parent’s car…” she bit her lip and looked around, as if she thought Richie would pop up out of nowhere.

“I think he’s inside, come on lets head in. You probably have some stuff to stick into digital storage don’t you? Bill was a genius wasn’t he, it’s almost ridiculous how convenient this is.” Lucas leaned towards the door, intent to open it but was knocked over and into the bushes as someone barreled out the door in a hurry, almost running Holly over.

They stopped just as they were about to hit Holly, who nearly overbalanced and fell anyways. “Holly, it is you! I knew that was your parent’s car. Sorry for nearly running you over, it was an accident.” He babbled picking up the bag she had dropped in shock.

“Rich, it isn’t me you wanna be apologizing to.”

He looked at her, confused until she pointed into the bushes where Lucas had fallen. A huge red mark was on his face from when the door had slammed into it. “Owww….” He moaned, trying hopelessly to get up. “I think I broke something.”

Richie blanched a bit and helped him up. “Sorry” he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. “You aren’t hurt too bad are you?” Lucas glared at him as he gently tested his arm. Somehow Holly doubted he had actually broken anything, but he was scratched up. Apparently the Professor kept rose bushes and they were pretty big. This of course was the bush Lucas had fallen into.


Holly walked inside before she started giggling. She didn’t think either boy would take it all that well. As she walked towards Professor Rowan’s office she paused. She had totally lost track of her parents. Holly shook her head; her parents could take care of themselves, she needed to talk to the Professor before the boys showed up and tried to drag her into the argument she knew had broken out.

She knocked on the door and peeked her head inside. “Professor? It’s me, Holly from Twinleaf. You ah gave me Ma…Piplup, and you wanted to see me right?” He looked up and turned off the vidphone he had been looking at. She vaguely wondered who he had been speaking to.

“Ah yes Miss Holly, I've been expecting you.” He stood up and walked towards her. “How is that Piplup I gave you been doing? You’re getting along well I hope?” he asked her as he lead her through the lab.

“Very well, we’re getting along really well. He’s a real sweetheart.”

“I suppose you want to give him a name? I’ll go grab your pokedex. Do you have your registration information with you so I can input it into the system or do your parents have it? Some of my lab assistants took them to the cafeteria for something to eat; they’ll be back in a little bit.”

“My parents have it, I think. Abi-mum had a folder with her in the front, so yeah. As for a name…” she brightened up considerably “I thought one up. Mamoru; Mamo-chan for short.”

“Perfectly sound name. Would you like to register him on to the system now or wait for your parents to get here?” He offered her a chair to sit in near the back of the lab. “My assistant Lucas has the third starter; Turtwig. Can’t say it doesn’t suit the boy, never met someone so placid before in my life.” The elder man chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.

“You sure about that? He and Richie looked like they were going to get in a fist fight out front when I came in.” She smiled slightly at the baffled look on his face.  “Suppose its Richie’s fault really, but he didn’t mean to have the door hit him like that.” She paused “Or to knock him in the bushes.”

“Ah, yes Lucas does have some issues with getting tossed into the shrubbery. It was the rose bushes again wasn’t it?” the elder man rubbed the back of his head at Holly’s nod. “I hope he doesn’t resort to a fist fight. It was hard to explain last time.”

“Last time…?” Holly echoed, confused, staring at him with wide eyes for a few seconds before trying to catch up with him.

He opened the door and looked outside “Lucas can you please come in here with Mr. Sparks? I know the boy hasn’t been registered yet and I still need to give him his pokedex.”

“Richie, you haven’t registered yet either? I’m surprised, figured you would have done it right away!” she looked at him, surprised.

A light blush covered his cheeks “I saw your parent’s car so I came out to say hi. Stupid yeah, yeah I know.”

She beamed at him “Thank you! Nice to know you were thinking of me” she grabbed his hand “Now come on, we’ve got to get our pokedex!” she bit her lip “Plural form of pokedex…”

“Pokedexi” the professor supplied as they headed indoors. “It’s a strange word to make plural. Oak’s daughter suggested it.” He shook his head “Where she got the idea from I’ll never know.”

“Weird word” Richie commented off-handily as they sat down in the lab.


A few moments later, both Richie and Holly’s parents entered the room and gave the Professor the registration data, which was quickly inputted and formatted. Soon afterwards the professor was handing them their trainer’s cards and pokedexi.

“Take good care of them you two and remember to try and catch as many different Pokémon as you can. Any data you can give the scientific community is a blessing.” He told them hand them both the palm sized mini-computer.

“Of course professor. Hey Richie look it, our trainer’s cards slip right into this little pocket on the pokedex. I didn’t know they had these!” Holly replied, showing her friend the pocket on the pokedex she had found.

“Yes it acts as your identification. It’s much more convenient then the old manual cards. The pokedex will update your status immediately so people from around the world can track your progress online. It also lets you use the GTS and Wi-Fi clubs.” The professor informed them both.

“So I guess this is it Holly dear. You sure you don’t want to go home and wait a while before going off?” Holly’s dad asked her “No one would blame you if you did.”

Holly shook her head. “I’m ready for this. I was in the top ten of my class at school. I’ll be fine dad.” Richie had gone into the other room to say good-bye to his parents. “I worry about Richie a bit though. He’s so absent-minded.”

“Not that bad Holls. Really I’m not. Now I’m off to Jubilife. Gonna rub that little prat from school’s face in the fact that I’m on my journey!” Richie cackled, but the look on his face told her that he was joking. Not that she blamed him. Jimmy what’s his name was the world’s biggest jerk.

He rushed out of lab after that, hugging his parents in a rush. “He hasn’t got any patience does he?” a man who she assumed was Richie’s dad commented to Richie’s mom. He was standing slightly in the back of everyone else and Holly couldn’t make out his features.

“No dear. But at least he had…” she paused and looked at her hands, which had a square brown package in them. “Crap, forgot to give him this. Holly?”

“Yes Mrs. Sparks?” she replied

“Be a dear and take this to Richie? I have to get home and check on the store and Daniel has to head back to the Frontier.”

“Sure! I've got to head out that way anyways so it’s no trouble at all.” She turned around and hugged her parents. “Lucas, would you mind showing me around town?” she asked him as she exited the building.

“Sounds good, come on Oldale has a lot to look at and you still need to get to Jubilife to catch up to that friend of yours.” Lucas nose crinkled a bit, he looked rather annoyed. She supposed that he wouldn’t be rather fond of Richie, all things considering.

“So the center, the mart, along with the local hospice?” she asked, walking down the road with him.

“And the hospital, plus some places to get food. Really not that big of a place. You’ve been to Jubilife right? You must know how easy it is to get lost in there right?”

“Yeah, seriously. I learnt my lesson about that.”



Route 202, Sinnoh Region


A green-haired young woman stood on a cliff, overlooking Oldale Town. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of slim sunglasses and a satisfied grin spread across her face as her head tilted down slightly, as if she was looking down at the town, but you couldn’t quite tell thanks to the glasses.

She suddenly turned and walked away from the cliff, picking up the bag that had been next to her feet and tossing over the back of her bike. She swung her legs over it, resting her arms on the handlebars for a moment before quietly speaking to herself.

“Well then… It begins again.”



The End

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