The Return of Legends

It has been along time since the Celenurians walked the land they had been born on without fear. Their legends are sleeping, unable to help them and their only hope rests in the hope for a priestess to bring them out of the shadows.

Holly Whiltshire knows nothing of the Celenurians or their plight. She's just looking forward to her Pokemon journey and has no knowledge of the story she's been brought into. Or her destiny.


Chapter One

The Dawn of that Distant Day

Twinleaf Town; Sinnoh Region

 September 23rd, 2013 P.W.A


In the small town of Twinleaf, dawn had just broken and the majority of the people were still asleep. Of course, as it is in any town, not everyone was asleep on this cool September morning.

"Holly, wake up! Richie told you to meet him at his house for 7:30!"

A longhaired girl rolled over in her bed, pulling the pillow over her face. The woman downstairs called out again. "Holly, don't make me come up there!" At the sound of feet on the creaking stairs the girl shot up, bleary eyed.

"I'm awake!" she mumbled sleepily, her long and messy hair flying about her face. A dark haired woman popped her head in the door, a small smile on her face.

"Alright, just checking. Do you want some breakfast before you head out?" Holly nodded her head sleepily, blinking the gunk out of her eyes. She crawled out of bed, wincing as her feet hit the cold floor.

Still rubbing her eyes, she stumbled into the upstairs washroom trying to keep quiet and not wake her stepsiblings. The twins were hypersensitive to noise; more so then any two-year-old should. "Still sleepy..." she half-whined, staring at her messy reflection in the bathroom mirror.

She felt around the bathroom for the hairbrush, her eyes half-closed with sleep. After picking it up, she stared at it for a minute. "What did Richie wanna talk about this early anyway? We're on vacation." She mumbled before proceeding to run the brush through her chestnut hair.


About ten minutes later, she walked down the stairs, pushing her hair back with a green headband. On the table was a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of milk. "Morning Abi-mum" she chirped, sitting down to eat.

The dark-haired woman turned around from the sink where she was doing the dishes. "Morning Holly, your father's already headed off to work." She placed a plate into the cupboard. "You just missed him actually."

"Mmm I'll see him tonight though. I should probably head to Richie's or he'll go off about me being late again. Doesn't matter that he's the one with the tardy record as long as a Seviper's tail." She muttered, staring into her bowl. Her stepmother laughed.

"With the way that boy rushes, I never woulda guessed it!"

Holly grabbed her bag around ten minutes later as she headed out the door. "I'll be home later, call my cell around lunch time if I'm not back by then!"


Holly sighed a bit as she walked up the front porch of Richie's house. Usually if he had something important to tell her, he got impatient and ended up waiting for her at the end of his street. He wasn't there this morning. "Stupid probably forgot and is still asleep upstairs. Where I should be; back home." She muttered angrily, knocking on the door.

Halfway through the third knock; Richie rushed out of the house. His hair wasn't brushed, he had no shoes on, and his things were spilling out of his knapsack. Holly looked at him and his frantic expression, deadpan. "You forgot didn't you?"

Richie chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head, causing more stuff to fall out of his bag. "Not really Holls. It's more like my mom forgot. She didn't wake me up!"

Holly pinched the bridge of her nose. "Rich, do you really want to be saying that with her standing right behind you, and fully awake at that?"

Richie paled before looking at his bag and yelling out: "Forgot my journal gotta run upstairs and get it, be back in a sec!" then dashing up the stairs.

Richie's mum sighed before bending over to pick up the speedster's fallen things. Holly sighed "Let me help you Mrs. Sparks. I'll go up after him in a minute."

Mrs. Sparks smiled "You're such a sweetheart Holly"


"Richie, you dropped at least half your stuff! Now what is it that you wanted to tell me?" Holly asked walking into her friend's room. She looked around "Richie did a hurricane hit in here?" she asked looking at the mess.

Richie looked up from his bag that he was haphazardly stuffing. "Huh, what do ya mean Holls? My room always looks like this." He thought for a moment "At least it does when I leave in the morning."

Holly facepalmed, muttering under her breath about stupid boys for a few seconds before Richie spoke up again. "Alright, everything is in my bag. Meet you on the outskirts of town in ten minutes! If you're late I'll fine you a million dollars!"

Richie laughed as he tore down the stairs, a shell shocked Holly still standing in his room. Her green eyes flashed for a second before she took off after him.

"Stupid Richie..." She panted, running towards the edge of town. "My shoes are not MADE FOR RUNNING!" she yelled as she finally caught up with the blond at the Trainer path that took you to Oldale if you went right and to the lake if you went left. She glared at him as he stood there, bouncing on the balls of his feet.


He blinked owlishly at her before breaking out in a huge grin. "So Holls..." she twitched, she wasn't very fond of his nickname for her, but he didn't seem to notice.

"What Richie?"

"I was thinking last night. Professor Rowan's back in Oldale town today. I bet if we go over there we can get some Pokemon!" Holly's eyes widened marginally.

"Richie if we take that route we'll get jumped by wild Pokemon. Everyone knows that" she paused for a moment "Why didn't you just wait and ask your parents to take you into Oldale?"

"Mom would make me wait until dad's back and I want to get our Pokemon together." He shrugged "Anyways I've got an idea. If we run fast enough we should be able to get to Oldale without being attacked!" Holly blinked

"Richie I can't believe that you think that will actually work. And even if it might work, which it won't, may I repeat what I said earlier? My shoes aren't made for running!" she put her hands on her hips.

"Come on Holly, I'm going to at least try! Anyways the only Pokemon around here are Starly and Bidoof, no big threat." Richie knelt down into a starting position, looking ready to take off. Holly started panicking a bit.

"Richie this is a really bad idea!"

"No its not! Now 1...2... and...."

"STOP!" a voice yelled out. Richie tumbled over from shock and Holly gasped before turning around to see who had yelled.


An elderly man stood on the road that led to the lake. He looked gruff and rather uptight, but his eyes were kindly. "What were you two thinking, heading off into the woods with no Pokemon between you?"

Richie blushed as he attempted to stand up "We just wanted to get our own Pokemon so we were trying to head to Oldale." Holly rolled her eyes and helped him up, giving him a look that obviously said ‘what do you mean *we*?'

Holly sighed before whispering to her friend "I think that's Professor Rowan, Richie" Richie turned his unbelieving face towards her before looking back at the old man who was pacing back and forth, muttering to himself.


He seemed to have come to a conclusion when a young man about Holly's age ran up to him. "Professor Rowan, you forgot your briefcase!"

Rowan turned to look at him "Ah yes, thank you Lucas!" He turned back to the two of them. "Now do you two truly love Pokemon?" he asked tilting his head to the side.

Holly nodded rapidly, as did Richie who quickly piped up "We love Pokemon! If you ask us a million times our answer will stay the same!" Rowan looked slightly shocked at Richie's vehemence.

"You were foolish enough to try to run into the forest with no protection. Why should I trust you with Pokemon?" the professor challenged. Lucas stood behind him, looking at the two of them with a shocked look on his face.

Richie mentally stumbled for a moment before recovering. "Well... then just give Holly a Pokemon. She was trying to convince me not to do it." Holly winced; she knew this had to be killing him, his dream of being a Pokemon trainer had practically defined his life, she didn't think he could wait until his dad got home to start his journey.

The shock on the professor's face doubled before he smiled "Both of you are very mature and care a lot about Pokemon. I think you both deserve to choose one. Lucas hand me my briefcase." All three of them had identical looks of shock on their faces at the professor's declaration.


" really mean it?" Holly asked a look of awe on her face. She already knew which Pokemon she wanted. A Piplup, she had always wanted the tiny penguin Pokémon.

The professor nodded before opening up the briefcase and setting it down so she could choose. There were only two pokeball in the suitcase, at her curious look Lucas showed her his. She reached in and grabbed the one with the water capsule stamp. "I choose Piplup." She told him, straightening up allowing Richie to choose his.

"And that leaves Chimchar for me!" Richie laughed; the fire monkey Pokémon suited both his personality and spastic habits. Holly giggled at the ecstatic look on his face.


"Professor we need to get back to the lab we still have quite a walk ahead of us." Lucas piped up, closing up the briefcase and handing it to the elder man.

"Ah quite right my boy. Well if you would children on Tuesday, would you mind heading up to Oldale town so I can register you both? I'd also like to talk to you. Well, we'd better be off, come on Lucas we aren't waiting for the grass to grow!" Rowan walked off Holly and Richie parting to let him through. Lucas quickly followed after waving at them as he ran to catch up.


"Okay... That was weird." Richie said staring after the two of them. Soon after, he turned to her, smiling. "Now... Holly I've been waiting ages to be able to say this! Let's Battle!" Looking at him and the pose he struck, Holly half-expected to hear dramatic music start up.

Rolling her eyes, Holly pulled out her new pokeball. "Alright Richie. Go, Piplup!" The pokeball popped open and a small blue penguin came out and made a small chirping noise. Richie tossed his and his new Chimchar popped out.

Holly grinned and pointed towards the monkey Pokémon. "Piplup use growl, followed up by a pound!" her Piplup puffed up its tiny chest and attacked.

Richie jumped backwards slightly before responding "Quick Chimchar! Dodge then use scratch!" The two friends continued in this vein for nearly fifteen minutes, and by this time both of their Pokémon were beginning to tire from the fight.

"Richie... I'm not gonna let you win this!" Holly smirked, her eyes gleaming from the excitement. "Piplup, jump up as high as you can and hit Chimchar!" she yelled gleefully as her Pokémon quickly responded.

"Chimchar you can dodge it!" Richie shouted, desperation coloring his voice. At the sound of it, Holly's smile only widened.

"PIPLUP YOU CAN DO IT!" She screamed as loud as she could as the tiny penguin adjusted to hit the fire monkey. A loud crash sounded and as the dust cleared, Piplup was still standing, although it was slightly dazed.

Chimchar on the other hand, wasn't. Richie stared at his fainted Pokémon in shock. "Buddy you okay?" he asked the tiny fire monkey. At tiny noise of assent, he sighed "Can't believe I lost..." He quickly recovered and stood straight up and pointed at Holly "But don't you worry Holly! I won't lose again! From this day forward we're rivals!"

As Richie rushed off to his house to get Chimchar healed up, Holly muttered to Piplup "Really I'd prefer to be just friends rather than ‘rivals'. Whole thing seems rather silly to me." She smiled at the penguin Pokémon "Though I will admit this: Battling with you was possibly the neatest thing I've ever done!" Piplup chirped in agreement. Holly took out her cell phone and checked the time.

"Wow Piplup, it's already 11:30!" Holly said shocked out how quick the morning had gone. Piplup chirped in an echo to her statement. The sound of it brought Holly out of her reverie.

"Oh my gosh! I have to go tell Abi-mum what happened... and get permission to go on my journey." Holly hung her head "Oh dad, how's he gonna take this..."


On her way home, Holly had put Piplup back inside his pokeball and she had put it in her bag. "I'll break it to her gently..." she murmured to herself as she walked up the front step. She opened the door and called into the house "Abi-mum, I'm home!" As she walked into the front hall, she heard noise from the kitchen.

"Ah, Holly come in. You got here just in time! I just finished making lunch." She sat down two plates with sandwiches on them. "So what was it that Richie wanted?"

Holly rubbed the back of her head "Oh... well wasn't that important. He had another stupid idea but it got nixed thanks to circumstance." She gulped "Ah Abi-mum?"

"Yes dear?"

"I have to go into Oldale on Tuesday."

Her stepmother turned to look at her. "Now why would you have to go into Oldale? Anything from town you want, I'll call to have your father pick up in Jubilife on his way home." She turned her cup of tea, gazing into it for a moment. "What happened?"

"Well... Richie got the idea to try to run Route 101 into Oldale so we could get our trainer's license. I know I know stupid idea. He woulda gotten mobbed by Bidoof again if he had actually made it in." Holly ran her hands through her hair. "Professor Rowan showed up before he started in. Guess he was doing research at the lake." She reached into her bag and pulled out Piplup's pokeball. "And well... we both ended up with these."

Abigail's Glameow walked by the both of them, its curly tail trailing along their legs as it ‘meowed' for attention. She slowly paced her hand down to pet it, her face pale from shock. "What happened to waiting for next spring? You've graduated and everything, but I thought you were planning to wait until March to go on your journey?" she asked quietly.

Holly bit her lip searching for way to explain why she had taken the professor up on his offer. The whole thing had happened so fast. "Abi-mum, Professor Rowan offered us one of the starter Pokémon. I couldn't pass it up. Not only that, but you know how long Richie's been waiting for this." Her eyes looked pleadingly up at her mother "Please take me in to get registered on Tuesday."

Abigail sighed "Alright, but you have to tell your father. I think he's been dreading this day. I know it's been making me anxious, knowing one day you'd leave to pursue the big wide world." She looked at the red and white sphere lying apparently harmless on the kitchen table. Her face began to regain some of its color and she smiled "Would you mind... You know, showing me?" she asked, almost in a shy manner.

Holly blinked before breaking out in a huge smile "Of course you can, one of the reasons I brought it out!" she palmed it in her hand and clicked the release button. "Come on out Piplup!"

A beam of light shot out of the ball before it condensed into the shape of a small bird. Piplup shook itself for a moment before letting out a sleepy chirp, shaking its head. Holly's stepmother nearly squealed "Oh... he's soo cute!" At the sudden praise, the tiny penguin puffed up its chest in pride and nearly fell over, which just started Abigail's cooing up all over again.


Laughing happily, Holly picked up her Pokémon and turned to her stepmother "Abi-mum, do we have any pokechow? I know I have some treats for the little guy up in my room, but he needs his dinner too." Holly's green eyes scanned the kitchen, as if daring the pokechow to appear before her immediately.

Abigail stood up and nodded "Yes, I picked some up yesterday for Duchess. I'm not sure if the little guy will like it all that much. You know how picky Duchess is." She reached into the cupboard to pull out the bag of food "Might as well try though, the little guy looks hungry."

Holly nodded brightly "I know Richie and I had a battle." Her grin widened as Abigail turned to look at her expectantly "I won."

"Congratulations dear!" Abigail smiled at her, giving her a pat on the back as she emptied some of the chow into a small bowl that she placed on the table. "Should I call your father now or should we wait until he comes home from work to tell him?"

Holly pressed her finger to her lips in thought. "I'm not sure. It isn't really something you tell someone on the phone, is it?" She slowly released Piplup on to the table as he gave a happy chirrup and dug into the food. She blinked for a moment before giggling at his enthusiasm. "I guess he likes the food!"

Abigail joined in with her stepdaughter's laughter "Guess he's one of those ‘eat anything' types. Like your father!" After a few moments, the two calmed down. Abigail sighed as she stood up from the table at the sound of tears from down the hall. "The twins are up" she murmured before she headed over to try to soothe the two toddlers.


Piplup looked up at Holly with a confused look on its face, pokechow covering his beak. She snorted slightly before pulling out a napkin and cleaning his face up. "You're adorable you know that?" Piplup chirped, half in agreement, half in protest. She smiled at the expression on his face "Abi-mum is great isn't she? I've known her for practically my whole life. Dad loves her to bits. He loved mom too though, even if he doesn't really talk about her."  Piplup turned his head to the side, giving her a questioning look. "Never mind, it's not really important." She her head, a sad smile on her face. "Truly... not at all important."


Abigail walked into the kitchen a while later, a toddler balanced on each hip. She sighed deeply as she noticed the melancholy look on Holly's face, though the preteen tried to hide it. She knew the girl tried to disguise the fact that she still brooded a bit over her mother's disappearance through constant smiles, jokes, and laughter but she imagined it still gnawed at her.

She set the two toddlers into their high chairs as she went to the fridge to get their food for them. Holly smiled brightly at the twins, her Piplup looking at the two toddlers curiously. The almost awkward semi-silence of the kitchen was broken by Hannah's large squeal "BIRDIE!" the penguin like Pokémon fell over in surprise at the loud sound. Hannah laughed even louder "Birdie go boom!"

Luke grasped at Piplup from his high chair "Pen-gin, my pen-gin!" the toddle screeched, trying to climb on to the table. With a frightened chirp, the penguin leaped back to the safety of Holly's lap which caused Luke to start crying, who was quickly followed by Hannah.

Holly paled noticeably "Oh god I'm sorry Abi-mum!" She backed away from the kitchen table "Shoulda figured these two would get worked up over him."

Abigail passed the two their favorite toys "It's alright dear. They'll calm down soon." She paused as the noise began to secede into the background "See?" she smiled at Holly whose face began to return to its normal color.

"All right, if you say so." She turned to leave "Just in case I'll go to my room. I have to figure out what to pack for my journey anyways."


Holly sighed deeply, leaning against the door in her room. Four more hours of awkward half silences before her dad came home. Richie would be too busy trying to convince his mother to let him leave in order to hang out with her again. She bit her lip; ‘He also might be still sour over losing to you' the traitorous voice inside her head whispered to her.

She spoke, her voice quiet, almost harsh with intensity: "Hush, your words mean nothing, your words are nothing." She could feel the doubts, the guilts inside almost giggling at her resistance. "You are nothing" she whispered, gripping her cloth-covered arms intently. Things got like this for her sometimes, she didn't know why. For as long as she could remember, little doubts, little voices tormented about things she didn't quite understand, as if small parts of her were at war with the rest.

The voices faded from her mind, still laughing, still mocking. Holly's jaw set in determination. She didn't know why she heard them, she figured that they were simply nothing more than her inner doubts, mixed with a self-hatred she didn't know she possessed; though the explanation made little sense to her.


She shook herself out of the depressing trail of thought. "Have to think positive" she mumbled, running her fingers through her long, brown hair.

She walked up to her vanity, and sat down at the chair in front of it. Holly had placed Piplup back inside his pokeball on her way up the stairs; partially because she had wanted some alone time to gather her thoughts and partially to avoid another incident such as the one in the kitchen.

She looked through the scant amount of make-up on her vanity table. She wasn't all that fond of the stuff; it was heavy, inconvenient and time consuming, plus it caused her to break out something awful. Still, she had some, though she rarely used it. It was a girl's right, was it not?

A few bottles came from her parents, presents from various holidays, others came from the little corner store down the road that she had bought to use for special occasions. The one she favored the most was a nearly empty bottle of pearlescent nail polish that her mother had left at the house before she had disappeared.


She bit her lip, examining her appearance in her mirror. The first thing you really noticed about her was open, green eyes. Most people thought they looked lovely on her, made her seem innocent and doe eyed. She liked them too, though she had heard cruel remarks about them giving her a constant look of surprise, like a dumb cow.

Needless to say, she had done her best to prove she was much more intelligent than any cow. The people making said remarks still couldn't look her in the eye; whether from embarrassment from being caught talking behind the back of a ten year old, or from the embarrassment of being dressed down by said ten year old.

She had a dimple, almost hidden in the corner of her mouth, she recalled someone; perhaps her father saying it was called something special but it had been so long ago she couldn't remember what. She pursed her lips, pawing through her makeup. She didn't think she would really need it; but to quote her favorite comic ‘A Trainer's life is fraught with peril'

"Better to be safe than sorry" She said to herself, carefully setting aside some concealer, gloss, and her mother's nail polish. She looked around the room trying to think off the top of her head if there was anything else already out that she would need to pack. She paled "Will my bag even fit everything?" she whispered.

Holly yanked up her large, brown courier bag, setting her cell phone and mp3 player on the table. "Well... I only need about three outfits really, I can pick up snow boots and a heavier jacket in one of the cities later on" Looking at her door where she had kicked off her shoes she spotted her light green sandals. She made a funny sound in her throat "Oh I want you soo bad, but you suck for walking any kind of distance... You're not even formal enough for me to justify using for Contests..." she snorted "Which I probably wouldn't even do. That's Abi-mum and her sister's thing."

She picked them up "Well I don't have to wear you while I'm doing distance walking. Maybe just for when I'm in town so I don't wear out my walking shoes...?" She tossed them in her bag "They aren't really heavy anyways"

She worried her lower lip, thinking for moment before speaking to the empty room once more. "I shouldn't take all that much, I mean, do I really need it is what I should ask myself." She paused, as if she was thinking the idea over. "Spare cash to by a bike permit in Eternea, my cell phone, cell phone charger, mp3 player and charger, one or two books for light reading..." She trailed off, looking at her massive bookshelf "Two maximum" she muttered to herself resisting the urge to grab as many as she could fit in the bag.


Hours later, Holly could smell supper cooking downstairs. "Ooh, oh wow that smells good" she murmured, rubbing her growling stomach. It had been a long time since lunch, and she usually had a snack mid-afternoon that she had skipped

She glanced over at the nearly overflowing bag that she had set in the corner. It still had some room, enough to fit what she would get at the Professor's when she registered, and after she placed some of the stuff in the Item Storage System, her bag would empty up.

"I can still lift it. That means its fine." She airily told herself as she opened up her bedroom door. She released Piplup from his pokeball "Come on, time for supper..." she trailed off as she bent down to pick him up. "You need a name hon. Seems so unoriginal to just call you ‘Piplup'" She wrinkled her nose "How about... Huey? No, no that doesn't sound right..."


By the time, she had reached the dining room she still hadn't thought up a name for him. "Well, I'll try again on a full stomach. I'm starving!" she laughed as she walked through the doorway into the dining room where her father sat with a happy, yet almost melancholy look on his face.

The smile on her face dropped off quickly "So, Abi-mum told you?" she queried, pulling out a chair for herself and placing Piplup on the floor next to his bowl of pokechow.

"Yes, Abby told me what happened." He sighed deeply, running a hand through his light brown hair. "I'm glad you stopped Richie from doing something so stupid. His mother wouldn't have enjoyed picking him up from the hospital due to Bidoof injuries. Again."

Holly giggled under her breath. It was true; Richie got ideas like this every once in a while. Usually he was with some of the older boys either at school in Jubilife or here. Most of the time they had the foresight to tackle him before he made it in too deep, but sometimes... Well let's just say Richie is very good at bandaging bite wounds.


"I sense a but in here" she remarked, looking at her father.

"But I'm just a little bit worried that this might be a rash decision. This is all very sudden Holly." He looked at her with his clear, almost matching green eyes.

A thought struck, almost detached from the rest of her: ‘Except for the eyes... I don't look all that much like him, do I?' she shook her head, ever so slightly before replying to him. "A little bit, yes, it is a bit sudden. But it isn't like I wasn't going to leave and get my Pokémon soon anyways dad. Nothing has changed; I'm just moving the date up a little, that's all." She looked at him for a moment before she spoke again "That isn't what you're worried about, is it?"

He shook his head "You aren't even thirteen yet Holly. I think I have every right to be worried."

She could hear what he wanted to say next, although she aware that the words would never pass his lips. He was thinking of her mother who he had known so little about, who he had only been married to for four years before the divorce, who had gone to Johto for business and had vanished off the face of the earth. He was worried she would vanish too.

"I'll call constantly dad, you know that. And I'm planning on spending a few days with Nan when I head up that way. We'll see each other, don't worry." She smiled at her father in her most reassuring manner. "I'll be fine dad. No Team Rocket for me to worry about." The silent ‘I hope' was heard by everyone in the room.

Her dad finally smiled a real smile at that before speaking up "All right, all right I give in. Abby and I will take you into Oldale on Tuesday to get registered."

Holly broke out into a face-splitting grin and gave a loud squeal before running around the table to hug the stuffing out of her dad. "OH Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she squealed, squeezing him tighter.

He laughed at her zealous reaction "You're welcome m'dear. Now shouldn't you sit down now so Abby can bring our food out?"

She blushed before she quickly backed off and sat back down in her chair. "Ah yes, quite right." She scratched her chin. "After supper may I call Richie so I can see what his mom said?"

"Of course m'dear. Now let's enjoy the delicious food Abby made for us." He replied, tucking his napkin on his lap discreetly.


Holly tapped her foot as she waited for Richie to meet her. It was around seven o' clock at night, later than she was used to and the speedster still hadn't shown up yet, although he had been the one to propose meeting each other out here.

A few minutes later, he still hadn't arrived. Holly was starting to get fed up, she wanted to be home watching the Plusle Power hour back at home. She had only agreed because she had a sneaking suspicion it was a rerun.

"That's it!" She yelled, spinning on the balls of her feet. "I'm going home; Richie obviously doesn't care enough to come!"

As she started to leave, she nearly lost her balance and went over on her heel. She managed to re-orient herself before she fell. Slowly testing her foot, she gave a deep sigh of relief.


As Richie bowled into her and sent her flying, Holly screamed at the top of her lungs. She quickly came to a stop as she hit the cold, hard ground. She pushed herself up delicately, wincing as she moved her wrist; it wasn't broken but it hurt. She looked at Richie, who had already recovered and stood back up. He was giving her a guilty look and he offered her a hand up.

"Richie, what the heck just happened?" she snarled looking at him as she straightened up.

"Umm well... Would you believe I tripped?" He rubbed the back of his head in an embarrassed manner.

Holly bit back a scream. Richie didn't lie, he sucked at it frankly. At least he wasn't trying to give her some half-assed tall tale, which probably would have made more sense.

"Over what?"

At this, Richie hunched a little "Well... I'm not totally sure... But I think it was a rock. Or my feet."

Holly blew a strand of hair out of her face. It wasn't Richie's fault she knew. He couldn't really help the fact that such weird things happened to him on a regular basis, really he couldn't. But it was still sooo hard not to blame him for it. "It's... Its fine Richie, I'm not mad at you."

He immediately perked up, and his usual grin returned. "So anyways, you're probably wondering what I wanted, right?"

She nodded looking at him curiously; though Richie's ideas were never well, the smartest they were always interesting and a lot of fun. She usually never participated in them since her common sense seemed to actually function, unlike most of the kids in town.

Still, she was interested anyways; Richie's last plot resulted in her getting a Pokemon. It wasn't like she couldn't bail whenever she felt like it.

"Well, yes I'm interested. Not like there's anything better to do, Plusle Power's a repeat tonight anyways." She waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. "Now what was it you wanted?"

Richie's grin nearly split his face, it was so wide.


"You wanted to go to the lake, why?"

"Because there's this, like super-rare Pokémon there!" He turned to look at her as they stood next to the sign for Lake Verity. "If we catch it for the Professor he'll be really happy! It's probably what he came here to try and study."

Holly longed to point out the numerous flaws in Richie's statement, such as the fact that they had no experience and that their Pokémon were hardly ready for any type of major battle yet. And the fact that she had left Piplup at home to get some rest. But she didn't. Because Richie was her best friend and she owed him that.

Instead, she just replied to his statement with an ambiguous "Is that a good idea?" and left it at that.

"Of course it is Holls! See look, even the sign says there's a rare Pokémon here!" He pointed at the sign they were standing next to. He was right; it did say that a legendary Pokémon lived here. She could almost make out the name from amongst the built-up grime on the sign.

"Mes...pirt..." she mumbled, staring at the word. Where did she know that word from...? Not from her parents, maybe television? It seemed to be the most likely of all the possible situations she made up in her head.

She shot up from peering at the sign "Richie that says Legendary, not rare." She gave him an accusing look. "You know what I feel about Legendaries."

Richie rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, I know Holl: They're for admiration not catching. But still, just being able to see something like that... It'd be a great start to our journey wouldn't it?" He smiled, this time it was much softer, much kinder. This was one of the reasons why that no matter how much he occasionally ignored, no matter the annoying nicknames he gave her why she was his friend.

She smiled back; she wasn't really sure what it was. Whether she was humoring him because she was his friend or that, she too also secretly hoped to see a sight such as what he was promising.















The End

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