Chapter Twenty-Four, Part Two: The Eye of FatimaMature

“Sounds like someone I know.”River says, letting her building glare surface from the depths again.

“You’re just jealous ‘cause I saw the Master first. Spiteful creature.”  He gives a crooked wink at her, but, ineffectually, it misses her bum.                     

Turning back to the Doctor again, Kenny runs a hand through his sapphire locks, splashed violet from the Doctor’s blood, and sighs, resigned once more. “I am grateful to him, Madam. If he had not grabbed my hand, and then if I had not woken up and caught him when he blacked out, we both would have perished. He saved me in more ways than one. As it is, we hit several objects on the way down before I woke and slowed our decent. Again, I am grateful.” He gives a slight bow of the head,and his bloodied hair falls completely free of its last ditch twist, cascading past his shoulders. 

“You know I’m sorry for the mess, don’t you, S-Sweetie?” moans the Doctor, a muscle in his chin twitching slightly as he shivers again. 

“Oh just shut up, both of you. Especially you, Kenny.” adds River, planting both hands on her hips and widening her eyes- oh that classic Pond stare. “… and be glad he’s not dead, else I would have killed you already. Now hop. I’ll warm him while you set bones, and then we can wait for the proper medics.”

The End

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