Chapter Twenty-Three, Part Three: Dead Bees and RefugeesMature

Slim nods his head; the floppy hair inching past his ears lends a waggishness to the motion.  His fingers grope suddenly for the ring on the night table. He clutches his body, clenching as if he’s in pain.                        

Jack’s hand curves around him, oozing control, even concern as Slim reaches out to take the ring and its chain with shaking fingers. 

“Session is up-  but it was special.  An us rather than a job. You could never be a job, Jack. I didn’t want to leave you like this. It’s… hurtful and rather unprofessional, and we pleasured each other so much last night, that… I’m sorry sweetheart, I really am. I’m pregnant. Previous engagement, but you helped. It’s a girl. She is, I should say. She’s a girl. You’re hardly obligated… and I really need to take care of something. Not the way I wanted to leave you, not after… well… huh. But then we don’t always get what we want, do we?” 

With a barked laugh, Jack wraps him up and just… he wraps him up. Then Slim takes his head in his lap, playing with his hair.

The End

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