Chapter Twenty-Three, Part Two: Dead Bees and RefugeesMature

He’d kept it, of course, in case Angel, Angelo,decided to… but Angelo is dead now. He went the normal way. Smart, ingenious bastard. He’d found a null field generator and installed it under his bed. 

“Yes, technically.” comes the voice of Slim from the scruffy rabbit head buried halfway into Jack’s pillow. “She doesn’t care what I do, mostly. I’m very clean. Besides, she’s better with a gun.” 

Jack forces a come-on growl. It isn’t a chore, he’s decided, if it gets Slim to turn round so Jack can take his tasty earlobe in his mouth. “Yeah, but you aren’t afraid to get dirty. I liked you, last night. You were ravenous.” 

Slim relaxes into Jack’s chest and right arm, a boneless sack of lower body temperature. Sated, complacent. He breathes there for a while, one hand awkardly exploring Jack’s bits for buried treasure like a blind pirate, the other lapping lazily at his own flat belly, palpating below his odd little outie navel where Jack cannot see. 

“You know Steve, I think I love you.” Slim stalls with upward slinking bedroom peridots, dragging a purposeful finger down Jack’s pecs as Jack plays tic-tac-toe  on his  own marginal abs. “You re a life-saver. I needed you last night. For many reasons.” 

The Time Agent feels a chill grab his spine. He flows with it, in  through the nose, out through the mouth. “I bet you say that to all the girls. You’re going to leave me, aren’t you?” 

The End

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