Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Three: Michelangelo's The Creation of KennyMature

Suddenly the Doctor is watching Rassilon with eyes like frozen spring, so calmly, yet, so full of tumult. Suddenly those eyes are thawing into melt. Suddenly they’re wide and shining and filled with something Rassilon has not seen in anyone’s eyes for a very long time. 

The Doctor pushes himself up to stand, his body fierce as he continues to hold back gravity for Kenny and at least a hundred others. 

One hand is constantly at his side as he levitates himself, gliding over the center of the Eye. 

Kenny is unconscious in his bubble of swirling light and heat. It’s getting smaller… soon it will be a thin soap bubble about to pop. 

“I wouldn’t be able to do this if not for Flamina’s help…” the Doctor murmurs telepathically, cutting a quick slice into every available mind. It’s not exactly a lie… more a… half-truth. 

His eyes meet Borusa’s as she peeks from behind her saving pillar. Her hand is outstretched. She’s helping, too. 

“Now then, that’s what I like to see! But I have to borrow something else from you now!” he yells, forgetting to tune himself inward. Inside his womb, seven month old Flamina’s tiny red hands curl instinctively around the blood-rich stem connecting them. Even in her sleep, she’s holding on. 

“Rassilon, how long? I have a plan!” 


The End

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