Chapter Seventeen, Part Four: Gymnopédie IIMature

“I’m feeling better, thanks. It’s Benjamin, by the way. Benjamin Pond. Emily, that’s my wife, must be having a good time at the chip vendor- It’s nearly dark now, and there’re no kids left.She’s been gone thirty minutes. Course, I did ask her to chat him up… maybe get us a discount. She’s quite resourceful. Can’t do without her.” 

“She sounds quite the catch. It’s a nice ring. Does she have one too?” 

“She does. But this ring is part of a set. My friend has the other one, sort of a private joke.” 

Jack’s hands curl around his shoulders, draping hard pecs against his bony spine over the short bench. Arms encircle him, enshrouding his body in billions of stars. “It’s good to have friends, Benjamin Pond. You remind me of one of mine, who died. Do you… I mean… it’s just that you make me think of him so much. Can I?” 

“Yes, Jack. Comfort is my business, and I’m the best moonlighter Elegant Egotist has, with the best barriers. What was his name? I’ll try to accommodate.” 

Jack Harkness sighs, and just leans over the bench, easing his weight against Benjamin’s back. Feeling the warmth. 

“No name. Just the Doctor. He hates… hated it when I called him Doc. Or he pretended to.” 

“Very well then, Jack. And it’s just between us, your special rate.  So Doc it is.”


The End

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