Chapter Sixteen, Part Four: Midnight at the Frog and CraneMature

“Good imitation of a person gagging, Koschei! I give you a gold star for mathematical excellence!” the Doctor says, grinning wiping a tear from his face as he remembers he’s forgotten he’s not supposed to say that anymore.  He then gets up from River’s triangled legs, plants a wet kiss on her springy gold curls, burrowing in like a star-nosed mole, then uncrooks a finger to the door. “We ought to be going- we’ll be late.” He turns to the Master, saying, “Hang in there, Koschei! I’m out to an early lunch- and my wife is coming, too!” 

“No, no, you promised you’d get me out of this!” the Master whinges, shoving a finger at Rassilon and sticking him in the eye. Repeatedly. 

But the Doctor and River are already heading out the door. 

“At least tell me the name of that corset shop!” 


Outside the Infirmary door, the Doctor lingers between the two guards, tossing a ready smile back and forth as the occasion presents. River has gone ahead to the TARDIS to dress for their outing. She has the wrist-strap, after all. Who is he to take away his wife’s little leather toy? He doesn’t really like them, anyway. Who needs a unicycle when you’ve got a big blue Rolls? 

As he wanders down the hallway, taking the long route back to the TARDIS so he can get a bit of thinking time, he notices a shadow in long, swishing robes, moving toward the Infirmary. 

“Oh, Rassilon, hello! Where do you think you’re going?”

The End

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