Chapter Eleven, Part Two: Bonito FlakesMature

“No, I’m outright stating it.” 

“Did you steal my anime collection again?” 

“I’ll never admit to that. By the way, do you realize how much of a hero complex you’ve developed? It would put Kawakami Gensai to shame.” 

“You just did. And don’t knock heroics. They’re useful in a pinch, especially if you want to look impressive.” 


“Jungian dysfunction.” 

“Ego Trip.” 

“Mother’s boy.” 



“Self-loathing twat.” 

“No argument there.” 

“…well that was no fun. You broke my run.” 

“Who are you, Doctor Seuss now?” 

“Don’t you mean Doctor Moreau?” 

“No. I meant Seuss. Or Zhivago. You rhymed, too. See, you’re not evil! That’s something, at least! And speaking of the Rani, she never could carry a tune. Or a plan to fruition, frankly. Her modus operandi always were a bit rubbish. I really can’t understand why she just couldn’t pack it in. I was always going to defeat her. That was always in the cards.” 

“Plus the fact she was an idiot. And since when did you play Gin Roummy?” 

“I know! Poor woman- she kissed like a limp fish. Anyway, to answer your question, since that unfortunate incident In Bruges. But ooh, limp fish, that reminds me! Did I ever tell you about that Saturnyne icthyoform who proposed to me?”

The End

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