Chapter Eleven, Part One: Bonito FlakesMature

“What do you feed them, anyhow?” 


 “Babies you moron!” 

“…that was uncalled for.” 

“Oh you Othering snipe! Just answer the bloody question!” 

“How should I know?” 

“…you mean you don’t? Bloody hell! Since you’re going to have one and ruin my lives, don’t you think you ought to?”


“You are so joking. You’re having me on! You’re having me on…” 

“No. But If I did name it… hrm… maybe I’ll name it after the third moon of Poosh, you know the one.” 

“Yes, the one Davros borrowed out from under your nose because you were busy snogging that blonde chit? Well, better wrap a gun up for baby’s birthday then,  because it’s gonna shoot itself on exit.” 


“Oh right, sorry. She’s off-limits. Moving on, do try to refrain from throwing large objects at my head in future. If you wish to keep yours. Remember I am Lord President.” 

“… empty threat. You’re a teddy bear. A big, angry teddy bear. And, furthermore, I know you are but what am I?” 

“Gaaah! Where is that damn physician I asked for?” 

“Oh Koschei, really… there aren’t any general health practitioners on Gallifrey, remember? I’m the only one.” 

“Yes, but you’re a quack lady doctor.” 

“Are you implying I’m a girl?”

The End

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