Chapter Six, Part Two: It's There For the Weight, DearMature

“Be grateful, Nemontiarla! I remember the Dark Times, when there were no buffets at official functions! We didn’t HAVE Flutterwing breast stuffed with starhoney dressing! We had bread! And fungus!”                                                              

“Those weren’t the Dark Times, you congealed old tosser! That was last week!” 

“Well, at least he keeps us honest.” 

“Who, the Master? Oh please, say you weren’t speaking of Pasmo.” 

“I was speaking of the Doctor, Keflistian.” 

“So was I, Kenny.” 

“The Doctor couldn’t keep us out of a paper bag. The Time War proved that.” 

“He Time Locked us, didn’t he, Raspar? And defeated Rassilon alongside the Master? Oh yes, I can see where you must be confused. The Doctor obviously prevented several perfectly stable timelines from being born just so he could flaunt his inability to lead. Really! I think the fact we’re still alive and rebuilding is proof enough of his competence and intention, don’t you?” 

“Gutarriezknindrakastorblyledgespillioth, surely you aren’t going to move FOR the Doctor to be re-instated in any meaningful capacity?” 

“Oh yes, Raspar, I can and I will. And do call me Kenny. Everyone else does. Especially the Doctor.” 

“Ha! I knew you had sided with that fraud! He brought the Master here to smite us all!”


The End

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