Chapter Five, Part Three: VignetteMature

Then Canton reaches down and picks up the stool, handing it to him with a grin and a nod, if just a touch too soberly. “Take care, Doctor. And have this banana on me.” He takes a nice ripe yellow one out of a pocket and sticks that in the alien’s free hand. 

The older Doctor in the chair just smiles and rolled his shoulders, settling into the straight jacket as his younger self  leans carefully out of the TARDIS’ double egress with a full bishop-sleeved hand on his barely there stomach, the banana already half-eaten and sticking from his mouth. Two months in the box have got him up to seven, and he still only looks a slim four months and change. 

“Oh, Canton, you’re just a big sweetheart! Thank you ever so much for the lovely vacation in sunny downtown Area 51! I needed the break, and a laugh... and the cheek on you! Make me blush, you naughty thing! Okay, then- Self, Canton, no time to lose, so thank you and g’bye and see you later!” 

Just like that, the younger Doctor is gone with a little hand wave and the roar of the TARDIS engines. 

Once the younger Doctor has gone… 

 Canton looks at the Doctor. 

The Doctor looks at Canton. 

Then both men smile, counting their time until the prison break.

The End

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