Chapter Five, Part Two: VignetteMature

The alien appears just as the doors of his blue time ship open, and he looks anything but calm. He is, however, thinner than the one who’s been chained in the chair.                                                 

“There’s no time to waste, boys,” says Canton with a smile for the older, clean-shaven Doctor, as he pats the younger Doctor, -the bearded one-, on the shoulder. Frowning, he watches the younger version lean with his eyes closed for a moment on the TARDIS doors, and sets his jaw. “You really oughta eat more. Think of the kid and do that. Get some sleep. And hurry it up with that straight jacket, Houdini. The Ponds will be here soon.” 

 “Yeah, ah, sorry… but remember, I was a tad ill during the first bit. You know how it goes, old boy!” says the younger Doctor with a wink, watching with interest as the older Doctor grows the exact same beard, mustache and overcast of hair as he is still wearing. “Everything in place, me?” 

The older Doctor grins beneath the hair, then nods. “Down to the color of bowtie I’m wearing. The TARDIS is preset- which is good, ‘cause the thing we don’t want is you bouncing about too much. Not good for the…” 

“…baby, yes, yes I know!  A quick pop-over to my surprise -Honestly did they really believe I would be surprised but I appreciate it, regardless!- birthday dinner at Francine’s and then back to Gallifrey for the big chalupa. Oh lord don’t let me say that again without a side of decent rice, chalupa… but anyway thanks a bunch!” quips the younger Doctor, finishing the older him’s sentence as he gingerly steps up to the TARDIS, making use of the handy two-step stool his future self had so thoughtfully brought out and employed while tying his shoes. 

The End

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