Chapter Twenty-Six, Part Four: To Seek a Bird's NestMature

But Jack will have nothing of this.

 He cries out and runs full into the sudden blow of green, racing against the churning dust storm sauntering at the edges of his vision to reach the Time Lord before he can enter the Monastery, “Not so fast; this bastard’s not gaining any sanctuary here!” 

“Just… try it, Jack…” the Time Lord croaks, closing his eyes a moment before finishing the thought, his new  gaze opening on the leather strap around Jack’s wrist, “… the dust has got into your ride. Have to… use mine, if you can... override... autopilot. It’s set for Gallifrey. If not, we both…” He sags. 

Blue eyes fire solar flares back the way they both have come. 

“Well I have to, don’t I, Benjamin? Duty calls.” Jack smirks as he jerks Benjamin up by the arm.

“I’m going to override your autopilot, and then you’ll be done running for good.”

To Be Continued In:

 Rescue From Without

The End

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