Chapter Fifteen, Part One: It's Very SuperstitiousMature


 “Against my better judgment, friend, I brought you a new change of clothes,” someone says.

 It’s the man from the Unicorn, Jack marvels absently to himself as the gun he didn’t remember drawing  to  point at Pond’s head lowers the space of a fingernail. Then it lowers some more. 

A package slides into Benjamin Pond’s hip. He smiles again, although his eyes are beginning to want to roll… 

“Well, you know me. Always with the blondes and parties. Are you going to help me play teacher, or just scream like a little girl in pigtails and a frilly skirt?” says Benjamin, scrubbing his face with a dirty hand while the man from the bar in the green velvet coat snakes his fingers around Jack’s weapon and slides the gun away. 

Green Coat smirks, then turns and uses the butt of the gun to knock on the green jade doors he’s just come out of. They slowly, carefully begin to creak out the way. He tosses the firearm inside a greenish goldish room full of stairs and wood panels. The doors close again. 

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve always had a thing about rats. Speaking of relations, I brought Emily. Infernal woman.”

The End

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