Chapter Fourteen, Part Four: There's A Thumb In My Humble PieMature

Benjamin Pond just stares up into the face of Jack Harkness, these soft angles and hard orbs that love the Doctor so deeply he would do this. As his gaze slides at a steady lag down from Jack onto Martha and Mickey then back to Jack, he says, “I know what he’s thinking, you know. He’s thinking we shouldn’t breed.  I don’t really blame him. But I…oh now that doesn’t feel very nice, Jack.  Could you move your foot, it’s making me dizzy, and...” He cuts himself off with open lips quivering apart, then tries to sit up, shoving against Jack’s incumbent foot. His shoulder squelches like a wet balloon against the black boot’s rubber sole, forcing his still-smiling mouth to stretch into a cavernous, pearly parody of itself. 

“Stop moaning. We both know your kind are stronger than this.” Jack says softly, lifting his heel just a fraction so the Time Lord can breathe before shoving and twisting back down again, harder than before. 

A breeze blows up the Time Agent’s back then, and a set of old doors creaks open on a tall Swedish grandmother clock that wasn’t there before. 

The End

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