Chapter Seven, Part One: Eat Me, Drink MeMature

Mister Benjamin!” 

“Mister Benjamin!” 

“Oh?” says the tall man in a creamy camel coat, whose long hand rests on a slightly bulging stomach. Green gem eyes arrest on the sight of several small humans running toward him. “Oh my… are these… are these children? May… may I pet one?” 

“Pet… of course you may, Benjamin. But the Doctor just picks them up and says hello.” says the curly-haired woman in the burgundy dress and ready smile. His wife, Emily. 

One girl runs to Benjamin’s outstretched hand, her blond curls bouncing. Another child, a boy with deep black hair in a spiky cut and blue eyes like clouds, goes at a leap and climbs the man’s leg like it’s the French Alps. A third, ginger with grey eyes like a cat’s, just tugs at the hem of Benjamin’s  coat, a scuffed up old teddy dangling from his free hand. Three more little girls, one dark-skinned with black hair, and two pale, one whose dark hair is dyed yellow and one whose hair is a ginger brush fire, all dressed in bunched white pinafores, skip up on either side of a blonde boy with bloody hands in a silver bear mask; all three clasp hands around Benjamin’s other leg and hang on.

The End

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